The wars we wage

When we waged our first war

It was over necessity

To acquire what we did not possess

But did we stop there? Not a chance,

because we have a tendency to be greedy

and a desire to see ourselves on a pedestal

So we waged more wars,

this time over land and territory

No matter the lives lost

No matter the broken hearts

Because, in the end, all that mattered to us

was Victory and Dominion.

The price we paid, always in blood.

Years passed, we became more civilized

But more harmonious?

Now we fight over conflict of thought

Because that’s all there is left to fight over

Some wars are small, you debating over whether

you agree with your neighbours’ lifestyle choices

But some wars are devastating, the blood price

always being a means to an end, willing even.

But if life teaches us anything, it’s only this

To become better as a humanity, all we need

is to ‘make peace’ and ‘let live’

But why oh why is that so hard to realize.


18 thoughts on “The wars we wage

  1. Well written! Sadly… the wars that we have seen and that are yet to come are not just coz of necessity.. its coz you lose the battle within yourself, and when you can’t even accept yourself, how and why will you accept others? No wonder they leap into the harshest decisions that their mind can take! Read this in a book “Fighting for peace is like f***ing for virginity!”

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  2. Loved your first attempt at poetry, Uday! Or is it your first? Because this was pretty damn good. =D
    You know I always thought if I could go back and intervene to that moment when the first war was about to start. All I’d need is a wooden crate to stand on and a loudspeaker to deliver a message loud and clear. “Um you guys, consider this, how about we drop our weapons, sell all the ammunition we’ve got, and invest it in something bigger and better instead? Like exploring space and finding out what secrets it hold in its deep reaches? Yeah? It’s a way better idea than all this.”, gesturing the *ahem* ‘fighters’. “That, I can say for sure. Wouldn’t we all be victors with a collaboration of nations, people and factions of humanity like that?”
    And then everyone would bow. And they’d make me queen. Obviously. Lol.
    Or, we’d be where we are now. Yup.

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    • Well as you can tell from how rudimentary it is, this is my first attempt at poetry indeed. 🙂 Apparently this falls under a style called “free verse”.

      And you know what, I was thinking the same sometime back. Every country spends so much money and effort to maintain an “army” to defend itself from others. It sounds so pointless in the grand scheme of things, I mean why are we even fighting among ourselves?! All that money can go into something good! *sigh*

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