FFfAW: The Last Sail


When Grandmama Pierce, at the ripe age of 83, announced to her family one quiet morning that she was gonna learn water-color painting, everybody assumed that she had finally gone crazy. One, they couldn’t fathom how she was ever gonna hold a paint brush steady with her constantly-twitching fingers. But mostly, it was because of the glaring fact that she had always ridiculed art as a hobby all through her life.

If anybody cared enough to ask her why this now, she’d coolly say, “Because Jesus said so himself in my dream, didn’t he now?!”

From then on, Grandmama Pierce would prop herself in front of their Windmill every single day religiously, working away at her easel little by little. A tiny shadow one day, a plank of wood the other. By the end of five months, she had finished the whole structure except for a single sail.

That night she called her youngest daughter Elise to her side, held her hands tight and sobbed. “I now know why He wanted me to do this”, she rasped. “I made you give up art school because I didn’t think it was the right choice for you. Oh…what a terrible parent I’ve been!!” But Elise said it didn’t matter now and comforted her mother to sleep.

When a cyclone ripped through the village the next day, all that was left of the windmill was a single sail, the one that Grandmama never painted.

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FFfAW: The Photo Centre

This week’s photo prompt is provided by yours truly! 🙂 Thank you PJ for picking my photo!

The Photo Centre’s doors remained fairly shut for decades. Once in a while, a curious passer by would knock on the door or try to peep through the cracks in the blinders but all he’d be met with is silence and darkness. In a lively and always-awake neighborhood, the Photo Centre remained a dark spot. It was a porch nobody liked to sit on. It was a patch of road no kid wanted to be left alone. They say late Mr. Klicker, the man who once owned the shop, still haunts the place. Some even say they’ve heard the camera shutter going off from the inside at times, which everybody were quick to write off as hallucinatory

But one or two old souls in town did remember the times when the Photo Centre had been a bustling corner. They remembered Mr. Klicker and his vintage Leica camera. They remembered the way he welcomed any customer inside his studio with a curious grin. But what nobody remembered was everything that happened inside the studio once they’d stepped out.


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FFfAW: A Musical Muse

                                         This week’s photo prompt is provided by Pixabay.

The reason I ever bought my first guitar, was you. Yes, I may have lied to you that I was a pro; but the truth was I had been taking private classes after college so I could impress you with a new song every week. Do you remember the very first Bryan Adams song I played for your birthday? The one that finally won you over? Everything I did, I did it for you indeed.

But then one day you set fire to my heart and burned it down to ashes. And I came inches close to do the same to my guitar. Because those strings meant nothing to me if they weren’t being strummed for you.

Or so I thought.

Today I’m the lead guitarist of a successful band and I do wonder at times, how different my life would have been had it not been for you.


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FFfAW: Life and Death

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ellespeth’s friend. Thank you Ellespeth’s friend!

Dear Diary,

I have to tell you something I did today. I’m not ashamed of it, in fact I’m a little proud.

So where do I even begin? Okay, let’s see here, hmm…Alright, so there’s this man called Virendar from Jaipur. I dunno if I’ve ever written about him here before. But he’s somebody I’ve got my eyes on for a very long time now. I’ll tell you why. He had to lose his mother to childbirth, and his father ran away – something I did not expect. But it’s a testament to his persona that he grew up to be a loving and caring human. And he loved me. I wouldn’t blink for even a moment to call him my son. But he was hurting, and very lonely as well. He caught his wife cheating on him with his colleague, broke all ties with her. And just over a month ago, he asked me. He asked me what he should do. And I was stumped, because I did not really have an answer! But I thought about it hard after. And then I wondered, why can’t I just end his life on Earth, so that he can come live with me. It was a harsh decision, I know. At the same time, I knew he was ready.

So I had the exact details of the tragedy planned out. At around noon today, when Virendar was up on the scaffolding, one of the wooden planks would give away and he would fall to his death. Not a very elegant way to die but one that made the most sense given his line of work. I can’t just let him drop dead suddenly, can I? That would be too theatrical, even for me!

But everything changed yesterday. So what exactly happened, you ask? Nothing out of the ordinary at all, Virendar was just being Virendar and rescued a little puppy that had lost its mother. I could see that they took to each other instantly, and I thought it was good. So today, while Virendar was at work and his puppy alone back home wailing for him to return, I just couldn’t do it. So I let him live. I realized that they both needed each other, and Virendar has found a reason to live after all.

Just one of those days I’m impressed by man’s ability to love, against all odds.



I am terribly sorry for going completely over the limit at 403 words but I couldn’t really cut anything from it. And this was the first story that came to my mind. I hope you don’t disqualify me, Priceless Joy! 🙂

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FFfAW: On the Run

The massive campus of the college loomed over the horizon. But I did not turn around, not once, to give it a final glance as I strode across the isthmus for the last time ever. How could I? After what I’ve done. There is no going back now.

But I pause as I reach the other side. This is the spot where me and my friends would sneak out to at nights for some funny business – if you know what I mean. My mind goes back to Professor Henley again. How could something that felt so good while doing it, make me feel so guilty and scared just moments later.

The tide would rise in a couple of hours and they’d not be able to retrace my footsteps. I hope somebody finds Mr. Henley and rescues him. In retrospect, I probably should not have stabbed him in his sleep for failing me in maths.

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FFfAW: If Cars could think…


You know I like your determination, boy! Well who am I kidding? You’re not a boy anymore. But you had been, when you first laid your eyes on me, weren’t you?

I never got around to telling you, but the attraction had been mutual. You seemed gentle, and caring, and surely knew how to push the right buttons at the right time. Oh, those rides! I loved it when you were behind my wheel. I can’t say the same about your wife though. You do know she’s the reason for half of the bruises on me.

I saw you grow old, you taking your wife and kids to the movies while I rested in the parking lot, us going on long rides to exciting destinations, I loved every single moment of it. So I did not crib when your daughter was suddenly behind my wheel one day, did I?

But now I’m old like you, boy! And I appreciate you wanting to repair this broken soul and make me run like the good old days, but you know what, all I wanna do right now is stay right here in your front yard and watch you be happy. And when your grandkids come and play with me, what more could I ask for?

I know I’ll always have a special place in your heart, but maybe it’s time to move on?

*Slightly longer at 230 words, but I couldn’t take away anything from it. 🙂

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FFfAW: You came as a storm

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise, with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!


The weather guy on TV predicted that it would be sunny that day, a safe prediction I suppose when you consider that it had been nothing but sunny that whole month. The prudent inside me still wanted to check the Weather App on the phone. A bright yellow ball popped up on screen as I launched it. Sunny. Phew. Alright then.

In retrospect, I’m glad I walked out of the house that evening without an umbrella. Had it not rained, and had you not invited me to cower under your umbrella, you wouldn’t be lying next to me in bed right now with our toddler in a crib across the room.

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FFfAW: Evil Intentions

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sonya with the blog, Only 100 Words. Thank you Sonya!

Mariela crept up the ladder to the water tank, her fingers shivering as she tried to grab onto each rung. She had always been scared of heights, but it’s strange how when something major is messing with your mind, all of the little irrationalities go out the window. Last night…it pained to even relive those moments. The shame, the disgust, and the anger that have been built up inside of her since those horrific moments were almost bursting at her seams.

She had wandered, all her life, from town to town selling herbs and potions. But yesterday night – she couldn’t quite tell what exactly lead to it as the townsfolk seemed friendly at first – they all rallied to her hut, stormed inside and dragged her out by her hair, calling her a “witch”. The little kids, even little Jamie, pelted stones at her and chased her out the town.

Now, the Sun was about to rise. Her feet were starting to get numb, but she had to go on; it was just a couple more steps now. She had to end this.

She opened up the hatch to the tank and poured a bright green liquid into it. They will pay.

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FFfAW: Lights to the rescue

This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com (free to use photos)


When we realized that the alien creatures were attracted to our pretty lights, our Commander had smacked his lips and ordered all the home-trees within our grove to be lit at their maximum with special helioscence colors.

To be honest, these aliens looked peaceful enough and not unlike some of the other hostile species that have invaded us lately. But for a planet that doesn’t get any sunlight, and thus not suited for any vegetation, we are solely dependent on wandering aliens to satisfy our hunger.

We hadn’t eaten in weeks now, and these creatures looked so plump and delicious. So when they approached our home-trees, we deployed our biocentric force field to suck them inside.

I flew down promptly and made sure that all of them got deployed onto the food-processors. I noticed that their garb had weird glyphs on them, one of which looked something like: NASA


FFfAW: The Secret

This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com (free to use photos).

Bob clasped Lily’s arm and pulled her out of the house. ‘Don’t open your eyes!!’ he squealed, ‘We’re almost there!’

Lily pressed her eyes shut. Whatever this is better be good, she thought to herself. Bob had made such a fuss about this supposedly “best surprise ever” over lunch that unless he had Gerard Butler waiting on the driveway, she’s going to be very disappointed indeed. Oh well.

‘Ta-da! Open your eyes now!’

He was pointing at a car. There were lots of patterns and designs on the exterior, like probably someone has done graffiti on it but what’s even more strange were the plant thingies on top.

‘Tell me you love it! Don’t you love all those colors!!’ said Bob, beaming.

‘Oh…the colors! Yes yes.’

‘And remember how you always said you wanted a “roof garden”? Wish granted, baby.’

Oh Bob, Bob…

And apparently there’s never a good time to come out to your boyfriend about your color-blindness.

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