That Sitar music from Piku everyone is raving about!

When a beautiful movie has beautiful music too, isn’t that the most wonderful thing ever!

Ever since I’ve written an article on Bezubaan, I noticed that I was getting a lot of hits through a Google search of “opening credits sitar piku” and the like. It piqued my interest and I wondered what really was so striking about that bit.


And today I finally came to know.

This is every bit beautiful and I loved it every time it appeared as a background score in the movie. And apparently the instrument is Sarod and not Sitar like what I thought before! But man, does this sound hauntingly beautiful! Totally enamored by this.

Listen and fall in love with music once again!

29 thoughts on “That Sitar music from Piku everyone is raving about!

      • It isss but my mother didn’t wanna go 😦 I watch all Hindi movies with her and Bhaiyya but she wasn’t “feeling it” for this movie :/ Guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD 😦


      • Yeah what’s up with that? Aren’t these movies performing well at the box office? I’ve even seen Bluray releases of films released only a week before 😀 So weird! But hey, good for us 😉


      • No they do perform, but these days a movie does not run for more than 3-4 weeks in the theaters. They get maximum revenue from the openings. Gone are the days when a hit movie would run for 100 or 200 days.

        So they release DVDs early, also in a move to prevent people from acquiring pirated copies of the movies.

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      • It used to run in a single theater in Mumbai, single show per day, but they’ve stopped it just a couple of months back as they *finally* realized that is was not financially viable. I’m not sure how many people actually went and watched the movie. But yea, it was all over the newspapers and TV – on how it was the END OF AN ERA! and all that! O_O


  1. I am listening the Sitar and writing this comment.
    I have heard so much of sitar this one is also worth listening.
    I am to tell you that I have Dedicated one Post on YOU.
    Please visit my blog and comment there.

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  2. Dear Uday !
    I think Sarod was not much used before in the film industry, unlike Sitar.
    The Great Ravi Shankar Sitar exponent scored music for a few films.
    The Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan I dont think if he has scored any music, I mean direction for music in films. But you can hear from his concerts which are outstanding, and these days he gives concerts with his sons. For your information he is also a columnist and he writes for some mags, regarding topics on his travel and music etc; worth reading.
    Coming to the songs, as you know much better, in the songs some instruments are played just for a few seconds and then another instrument takes over, in the process you may find it difficult to adjudge as to which instrument. You only need keen attention and practice of hearing. Sarod I feel is used a lot these days by the current music creators. You may explore them.
    In this context I recommend you to read my Post on “Greatest Musicians and Lyricists of Bollywood”,it is a topic which I have tried to condense a lot. But its really interesting; you only require time to read it. If you read it and comment I shall be happy. It is lying there on my Blog all alone with no readers and likes, since I think the blog community has no much patience, they would like to jump and jump.

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    • This tune works wonders for me in any kind of mood. One day I couldn’t focus at work very well, so I put this in loop for one hour straight and voila!!

      I’m glad that I was able to introduce you to this wonderful Indian instrument.


  3. Hey, thanks a lot for sharing this.
    As for Sarod, listen to this master-piece from Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and his sons:

    This rendition of Vande Mataram is primarily composed with Sarod and piano.
    Enjoy! 🙂


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