Just a random quote #1


See how bad I am at naming my posts? :O Huh, anyway, I was rummaging through my old Facebook profile today. I say old, because I’ve disbanded that one. No matter how you cut it, Facebook is still a mess and even with all the privacy controls lying around, one is never really sure what exactly is being shared with whom. Which is why I’ve embraced Google+ quite a long while back. But I realize that Facebook is still important as all of my real life friends are over there, so I’ve decided to start afresh. And this time, being ultra careful with whom I add as ‘friend’. Because if you’re that stranger from high school I never spoke to, please excuse me for not including you in my circles. (Gah, Facebook still treats every connection as a “friendship”, whereas Google+ gives you the freedom of calling it whatever the heck you want!)

Ok I digressed a lot in that first paragraph, so basically all I wanted to say for now is how fascinating it is to go back through your “Timeline” on FB and see an younger you. How different and weird you had been just a handful of years back.

I shared this quote on Facebook in 2010, when I first saw the movie “Chocolat”. Which, in case, you haven’t seen is an absolute must! It seems simple on the surface but deals with a lot of concepts like prejudice, faith, indulgence and most of all “acceptance”.  I like this piece of dialogue so much because it’s important that everyone understand and realize it!

So is “Just a random quote” a new feature on my blog? Only time will tell! 🙂