Song of the Week – Sun Saathiya, ABCD 2

ABCD stands for Any Body Can Dance, so yes this is a dance oriented movie indeed. (A Bollywood version of Step Up, if you will)

So imagine my delight to have found such a sweet little love ballad in this film. It has got a mesmerizing tune, great vocals by Priya Saraiya and an overall nice foot-tapping feel to it.

But also staying true to the movie’s theme, the song is heavily and brilliantly choreographed but in a way that doesn’t seem too distracting. Shraddha Kapoor twists her body in precision to each and every note and trust me when I say that a single watch is not enough to take it all in. This lady can dance!!

Great thing is, even without the dance, the song makes for a wonderful listen. Sachin-Jigar strike gold this time.

13 thoughts on “Song of the Week – Sun Saathiya, ABCD 2

  1. Hey the “Sun sathiya” bit was part of ABCD as well and I loved it even then! And Maaan…is this really Shradhha Kapoor? 😮


    • I know, right!! I couldn’t believe at first as well but apparently she can really dance. I was a fan before and now I like her even more. And btw, I didn’t see ABCD so was not aware that it was present in that film as well! I don’t see it in the soundtrack, but?


  2. I love this sonngg ❤ And the choreography is simply amazing 🙂 Really hard to believe that's Shradhha! Btw have you seen ABCD 1? Was it any good?


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