Song of the Week: Uprising – The Muse

This past week has been really frustrating. Had 12-hour work days as our team ran into a lot of issues with the application. There was a lot of bug fixing and relentless testing, and on top that there was a lot of pressure from the client as well. It was just chaos everywhere. So I couldn’t help but miss to write some of my daily Writing 101 prompts here! I did have some time to write to be honest, but my mind wasn’t in a state to do any creative work.

Through all this, there was one song that kept me pushing forward. It was on loop most of the times – at work, and at home too! It’s none other than Uprising by Muse. Now Muse has always been my go-to band for when I need to focus on something. And the lyrics somehow rang true this time as well.

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious

Yes, I needed that! Isn’t it amazing to have a song for every occasion?

8 thoughts on “Song of the Week: Uprising – The Muse

  1. They’re going to storm the capitol. But for the wrong reasons. It is not socialism we need. But anarcho capitalism. We, the people, do not consent to being governed. In the midst of chaos, the mockingjay will rise


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