Getting back to my gaming groove.

Let me bring you up to speed. Back home in Hyderabad, I have a fairly decent desktop computer with an NVidia graphic card that can play most games in Mid-to-High settings. But once I finished college and got a job, I had to move – first to Pune, then to Chennai. And all I had with me was a crappy Dell Inspiron that my dad passed onto me (he got a new Sony Vaio!). I had to kiss good-bye to any sort of gaming on my laptop as all it had was Intel integrated graphics. ‘Nuff said!

So for three years, I went almost game-less and all that tension was getting pent up inside of me with no sort of release…erm. So, last year, when my Inspiron was finally coughing up its last breath I realized the time had indeed arrived for me to purchase a new laptop! It was an exciting thought! I knew I needed a gaming laptop, I knew it was gonna cost me a fortune but I was ready for it – I had the dough saved up, all I needed was careful research to zero in on the perfect laptop.

And then I did. ASUS ROG GL552!

For one, it looked awesome with its Republic of Gamers insignia and that red backlight! None of the retail stores had it in stock so I placed an order on Amazon, right when there was a big slash in the price. They did a bang up job on the delivery too, delivering two days ahead of schedule. When I got the package home in the evening, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I ripped away the layers in ecstasy, mutilating the cardboard in the process. And there it was, finally, my preciousssss!

WP_20160215_18_55_02_Rich (2) (2)
Well it came in a cool box.


WP_20160217_20_16_24_Rich (2)
That logo lights up when the laptop is on! 😀


WP_20160216_06_48_38_Rich (2) (2)
Umm, and then things got crazy 😛


WP_20160216_06_49_13_Rich (2) (2)
And beautiful ❤


Sporting an Intel i7 CPU, 8 gigs of RAM (which I’m gonna upgrade), an NVidia 950M, and not to forget an SSD expansion slot – this one’s a true badass. Decimating anything I throw in its path.

I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed: Rogue lately, at maxed out settings  – and I’m just mind blown by how gorgeous everything looks.  Ubisoft seemed to have learned a thing or two from the fiasco that was Unity. The game is running super buttery smooth as well. You can’t see my face, but I have a perpetual smile plastered on it these days

And mind you, when I’m not clicking sunrises in real life, I’m clicking them in video games. 😉

Brace yourself for some video game reviews as well from now on!

P.S. If you’re on Steam, add me! ID: hurdygurdy11