The Two of Us

Everybody has two versions of themselves in their heads- 1) the person they are 2)  the person they wish they were.

I may be wrong, and probably there indeed are people out there who are perfectly happy with what they are and wouldn’t want to change a thing about themselves. But I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that most people don’t have that contentment – we always keep wishing we were better. Better than the version that we are today.

If you notice my above statement, you’d see that I’m not talking about what ‘you have’, but rather, simply, just what ‘you are’. What you don’t have today could be achieved with determination and effort, if it’s practical and you know how to get it. But what you want to be, that’s a slightly different ballgame. Let’s put ‘rich’ and ‘famous’ out of this as they’re not really concrete destinations and need a specific aspiration to hold ground.

Much of our life is spent in trying to bridge the gap between these two people. We fantasize about this other person, we know what they have that we don’t. We keep saying to ourselves that one day, we’re gonna finally be him. But working towards it always ends up to be harder than it seems. In a strange twist, our conscience seems reluctant and lazy to let go of the status quo. How many times have you resolved to start that one activity – and gave up miserably as you just couldn’t fit it into your life? Like, take me for example, I want to work out more, want to have a better sleep schedule, want to be a much better friend to people around me, a better son to my parents – and in my mind all of this seems achievable. But how successful have I been in my attempt? That’s totally debatable.

And I also know that it’s very easy to lead our entire lives like this. Maintaining a considerable gap between what we are and what we aspire to be. But I realized that I don’t wanna be on my death bed and have regrets about what could have been! So I really have to figure out how I’m gonna cut all the crap outta my life and actually work towards being who I really wanna be.

Because in the end, we have to try don’t we? That’s what keeps our life chugging along. A hope for a better tomorrow but more importantly, a better us.

Image Courtesy: Shadow

The wars we wage

When we waged our first war

It was over necessity

To acquire what we did not possess

But did we stop there? Not a chance,

because we have a tendency to be greedy

and a desire to see ourselves on a pedestal

So we waged more wars,

this time over land and territory

No matter the lives lost

No matter the broken hearts

Because, in the end, all that mattered to us

was Victory and Dominion.

The price we paid, always in blood.

Years passed, we became more civilized

But more harmonious?

Now we fight over conflict of thought

Because that’s all there is left to fight over

Some wars are small, you debating over whether

you agree with your neighbours’ lifestyle choices

But some wars are devastating, the blood price

always being a means to an end, willing even.

But if life teaches us anything, it’s only this

To become better as a humanity, all we need

is to ‘make peace’ and ‘let live’

But why oh why is that so hard to realize.


Just a random quote #1


See how bad I am at naming my posts? :O Huh, anyway, I was rummaging through my old Facebook profile today. I say old, because I’ve disbanded that one. No matter how you cut it, Facebook is still a mess and even with all the privacy controls lying around, one is never really sure what exactly is being shared with whom. Which is why I’ve embraced Google+ quite a long while back. But I realize that Facebook is still important as all of my real life friends are over there, so I’ve decided to start afresh. And this time, being ultra careful with whom I add as ‘friend’. Because if you’re that stranger from high school I never spoke to, please excuse me for not including you in my circles. (Gah, Facebook still treats every connection as a “friendship”, whereas Google+ gives you the freedom of calling it whatever the heck you want!)

Ok I digressed a lot in that first paragraph, so basically all I wanted to say for now is how fascinating it is to go back through your “Timeline” on FB and see an younger you. How different and weird you had been just a handful of years back.

I shared this quote on Facebook in 2010, when I first saw the movie “Chocolat”. Which, in case, you haven’t seen is an absolute must! It seems simple on the surface but deals with a lot of concepts like prejudice, faith, indulgence and most of all “acceptance”.  I like this piece of dialogue so much because it’s important that everyone understand and realize it!

So is “Just a random quote” a new feature on my blog? Only time will tell! 🙂

So…you don’t get BORED???

So I get asked this question a lot.

When I tell people I live alone. You don’t get bored?

When I tell people I like to go on solo vacations. Wow, that must be boringgg! 

When I tell people I don’t mind going to movies alone. Huh, I don’t understand! Isn’t that kinda boring?

To that last person: you go to a movie to watch the damn movie, not to talk to people! Aaargh.

Anyway the answer to all of those questions is a resounding NO!!

No, I don’t get bored. In fact, I don’t have the time to get bored! 

I mean, how can I when there’s always so much to do and think and learn and experience? I don’t think we humans can actually afford to get bored. Because if we are, then I think we are not using our time in the best way. But it’s unfathomable to me, because almost everyone I know had said that they were terribly bored at least once. And maybe I shouldn’t get too rattled about it as I presume it’s only natural to get bored. And of course, I do understand that I’m the minority here, being an introvert and all. Because I tell you, my mind is never idle. Even if I tried to. And ultimately, even if I have got absolutely nothing else to do (which is a rarity), I always have my brain to fall back on. Because that baby never stops.


And the quote above is so absolutely on the money because it is true. I know for a fact that many people find me boring. Unfunny. Lifeless. And that’s all true from their perspective. Because I’m not an entertainer. Nope, very sorry there.

But in all of my existence, I have never bored myself. True. Because there’s always something. I always seem to find something to keep myself entertained. And I love that about myself. A book to read, a movie to watch, a TV show to catch up on, a story to write, a song to listen to, a concert to go, a thing to learn, a place to visit, a dish to learn to cook, a thought to ponder, something to daydream, a friend to talk to – the universe presents itself with so many interesting things that we’d be doing it injustice by worrying that we’ve got nothing to do.

And if you don’t find people to do those things with you, then so be it. Don’t be scared to be alone. Because you are all you need. Because when you base your life and happiness on someone else, you are taking a risk.

So, that’s my thought for today. Try not to get bored as much. Pick up a hobby. Find a new interest. You are who you are. Not who your friends are.