Am I crazy for wanting to get a Harry Potter tattoo?

When I told my sister, she gave me a stern look and said, “Don’t do anything that you are going to regret when you get older.”

Oooh. Serious sister is serious.

But you see, like a lot of people, Harry Potter had indeed been my childhood. I grew up reading the books. I grew up with Harry, Hermione and Ron (Even though Hermione had always been my champion.) I grew up dreaming of studying at Hogwarts. A little annoyed at the fact that the school I went to did not have a house point system. And that the only hall we had was a Parish Hall.

To be honest though, I was a bit of a late bloomer. I came to know that such a world existed only when I saw the trailer of Chamber of Secrets on TV (circa 2002). It was new, it was magical and I was blown away by how imaginative it was. From then on though, there was no turning back. It would come to shape up much of what I am as a person today due to the fact that without Harry Potter, I would never have gotten into books at all. Even if I had, I would have gotten into at a very late stage.

Also if you have to know, I used to watch the movies every single time they telecasted it on TV. And how it had been an unwritten law in our house that if a Harry Potter movie was being telecast, everyone knew to hand over the remote to me and not meddle until I’m done. And oh, I also used to watch the entire end credits!!

So I don’t see how I could really regret getting a Harry Potter tattoo ever, especially when I imagine that when I grow old and have grand kids of my own, I’ll be sitting down and reading Harry Potter along with them. And then I’ll show them my tattoo, and they’ll go, “Oooh grandpa, that’s so cool!” And then my son will come and ask, “After all this time?” To which I’ll reply, “Always.

This will happen. For sure. 

So I have been hunting over the internet for the past couple of days for tattoo ideas and turns out that there are a lot of crazy people out there too. I saw wands, quotes, deathly hallows, the Hogwarts emblem, Dobby <3, and even faces of the trio. But I definitely did not want something so out-there as I’m not doing this to show off. This is just me wanting to carry a little magic around wherever I go, something to remind me of where it all started. Something very personal, and private.

And I finally landed upon this:


For some reason I’ve always wanted to get the Hogwarts emblem in full colour, but this is more striking, no? Simple but beautiful. What do you think? Too underwhelming? Or just perfect?

I’m also still thinking about where on my body I should get this done. So, if you have any suggestions or any other tattoo ideas, please let me know.

The Magic lives on. 

24 thoughts on “Am I crazy for wanting to get a Harry Potter tattoo?

  1. This is amazing. Just amazing. I’m going to share this post with a friend because even she loves HP and she’ll LOVE this post. She’ll love it more than I did.

    And that line. “After all this time?” “Always” ❤❤❤ You used it in a different context but still didn’t kill the magic. Loved it.

    And as for the tattoo, GO FOR IT!!! I don’t have any idea as to where you can get it, though.

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    • Oooh thank you Shubhada! I’m glad you you found it interesting 🙂

      And I cannot take full credit for that “After all this time?” line. I just got inspired by Alan Rickman’s quote from real life:

      And thanks for the push, I think there are tattoo places that will try to do any design you give them, and this one’s pretty easy so should not be a problem 🙂 I found a couple of such places in here in Chennai too.

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      • Yeah, it shouldn’t be a problem. But do you think you’ll be able to endure the stern stares your sister or maybe your parents will give after the tatoo is done? 😛

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      • Haha LOL, they realized that this little ‘bachpana’ will never leave me when they caught me watching Dora the Explorer when I was 18! So I don’t think they’ll be any more surprised 😛

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      • Hahah, you watched Dora the Explorer when you were 18?! Don’t tell me the stupid pauses after each question didn’t annoy you. It annoyed everyone I know.


      • Yea, strange right? But it was fun enough show, though I can’t say the exact reason why I used to watch that. And yes, I used to get annoyed with a pauses too. I guess we were adult enough to know that nothing we do here is gonna change anything on the screen 😛

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  2. I too brought up the subject of tattoo this weekend , but what I received was much more than just stern looks! 😛 . The one you finalized is just perfect! Elegant. You can get a temp one first to see if it looks good. Where to get it….umm, not sure . Try the bicep area 😛


    • no I’ll go with permanent one directly. It’s a small enough tattoo that there is less chance of things going wrong. I have to choose a good tattoo parlour though.

      And which tattoo did you wanna have? I know that this tattoo culture is still seen with furrowed eyes here in our country!

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      • It indeed is- not sure how I’ll ever get one. I’m not really a rebel in my family you know :(. Anyways, I haven’t decided much on the design. No flowers! Maybe a flock of birds on the wrist. I may have to do a temp one first, coz honestly, not everyone can pull off a cool tattoo and I’m not too sure about myself on that!:P Try Tantra near Bessie – have heard good about the place.


      • Yea I’ve heard about Tantra too. Also, Talisman. They seem more professional.

        My sister gets temp tattoos all the time, lol. She just doesn’t want to commit to a permanent one. A flock of birds is cool. I was thinking that even a Phoenix would be a good idea. 🙂 Even Ross didn’t want Rachel to get a tattoo but she went ahead and got it anyway and he loved it 😀

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    • Dude, I’m crazy but not that mad! 😛 Scar tattoo on forehead kehte!! My parents will not allow me into the house if I do that.

      Hogwarts emblem on chest is a long term goal as of now. 😀

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    • No no I still haven’t gotten it yet. That was just a photo I found on the internet. Was just asking around for approval and suggestions through my post. Glad you like it though. I think I’m gonna go ahead with it 🙂


  3. What. On. Earth. Is. Wrong. With. WordPress? I swear I did not see any of your recent posts on my Reader :/ -.-
    BTW, a Harry Potter tattoo? AWESOME! Have you already gotten it? Tantra is nice. Also, there is one place in Spencers at the basement. My friend got two tattoos there. How about on the forearm, just below the elbow? Waiting for the post tattoo post!


    • Something is definitely strange! I sometimes don’t see your posts too and when I go to your blog I’ll be like “When did this come out!?”

      Anyway, no I haven’t gotten it yet. Not getting time on the weekends! I almost zero’d on Tantra as everyone seems to recommend it, but will check out the one in Spencers too. I was actually thinking of getting it somewhere on my *cough* chest area 😛 But lemme see. Forearm is the ideal option I guess.

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      • Yeah. WordPress is starting to get on my nerves. Tantra seems like the ideal option. 🙂 If at all you were getting any other tattoo, I would have said Go for chest area, but since its going to be a Harry Potter one, I’m saying forearm. Especially if you’re getting the glasses.

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