CONTINUUM – TV Series Review

Are you looking for your next sci-fi binge watch? I present you Continuum – one of the finest sci-fi action series to have come out recently.

I mean, how about this for starters!

  • A clever time-traveling female protagonist (Rachel Nichols, playing a cop) who knows how to kick some serious ass. And yet has her flaws to make her seem like a real person.
  • The fact that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER is crucial to the story and they all deliver outstanding performances!
  • How there are no good or bad people. The writers frequently throw the question of moral ambiguity at the audience themselves. I simply love this aspect of the show.
  • The writers never take the audience’s intelligence for granted. This is one highly cerebral show and if you don’t keep up with the plot, you’ll be left with lots of questions.
  • If you’re a science nerd, then you’ll love how the show celebrates and treats it with respect at the same time.
  • Did I mention time-travel?? It’s the most science-y version of time travel I’ve seen and there are some strict rules that the story never crosses so it’s all neat and tight.
  • The technology from 2077 is really cool and yet it is not very magical. They all seem like stuff that should be achievable in 60 years time. I hate to sound like a broken record, but some serious thought has really gone into how the future would shape up.
  • THERE IS NO ROMANCE! Yes, let that sink in.
  • How it ends. The best series finale for me after Breaking Bad!


The year is 2077. The government has collapsed and a “corporate congress” rules the world. There is political unrest and the society is at the brink of a war. A self-proclaimed terrorist group called “Liber8” kill thousands of innocents but when brought to trial, they escape using a time-travel device to the year 2012. Our protagonist, Kiera Cameron, who is a City Protective Services (CPS) officer also gets involuntarily transported along with them.

The terrorists’ plan is to alter the past to prevent the corporate rise in the future. But Kiera, with her affliction towards law and order is torn between doing what is right and what her conscience tells her to do. All she wants right now is to return to her family in 2077 but she knows that may not happen if too much of the past is altered. Equipped with a young tech-genius Alec Sadler, who is none other than the evil corporate mogul in 2077, she fights to thwart Liber8 from achieving what they want. But as they say, fate is a bitch. And with a ton of moral dilemmas to consider, she has to weigh her options and come to grips with how selfish she can get (secure the future to return to her son vs. doing the right thing to prevent the future).

How it all ends, is seriously what you should witness for yourself on your computer screens!


There are literally dozens of interesting people on this show and I’m pretty sure that everyone will eventually get attached to some more than the others. Like I said earlier, there are no bad people, just people looking after themselves.

The below are my favourites:

Kiera and Alec, just doing their thing!

KIERA CAMERON: She’s the protagonist who gets inadvertently shipped to the year 2012 from 2077 along with a bunch of criminals. We’ve been seeing a lot of powerful roles for women on TV lately and Rachel Nichols rises up to the occasion to deliver a finely balanced performance.


ALEC SADLER: This young tech-wizard can be almost irresistible at times. He’s not the awkward nerd a la the gang of Big Bang Theory, he actually makes it seem ultra cool. He’s also Kiera’s bestest friend and I love the interplay between them. Erik Knudsen is just perfect for the role.

MATTHEW KELLOG: Probably the most vile of them all, but hey, he was being an opportunist after all. And he’s got brains. It’s amazing how when Kellog comes up on screen, the dramatic level rises up a hundred notches.


JASON: How would it be if you traveled to the past and met your father when he was in his twenties? Before he even met your mother? Made even more weird by the fact that you are currently in your fifties! Jason Sadler is not a huge character but he makes his presence felt for the sheer amusement of his existence. And Ian Tracey captures the eccentricity oh-so-wonderfully!

GARZA: A total bad-ass, she starts off as a hateful character but I totally fell in love with her personality and backstory by the end. There is one fight sequence with Kiera and Garza in Season 3 which is literally out-of-the-world!


Well this is one of those aspects that ends up having a big effect on me, and while the musical scores in this are not very extensive, they do add a lot to the show’s feel. I like that the main theme appears in almost every episode in myriad different forms and kinda gets glued in your head by the end as a result. Even the other scores are heavily string based and sound aptly intense.



How many shows do you know that get cancelled by the networks mercilessly so receive no chance to wind up their stories satisfactorily? And us poor audience after having invested so much in the characters and the story are left to dangle onto an unfinished story while signing up petitions online for the makers to release that one off special to give us some closure! Uff.

But not with Continuum. The writers knew they only got 4 seasons, so they jam pack every episode with oodles of information while leading to that big climax, which in my opinion is every bit epic (there is no spectacle, mind you, just the human emotions). I obviously don’t want to give the ending away, but let’s just say it feels perfect. Bittersweet, but perfect nonetheless.

So why should you binge watch it?

Because there are only 42 episodes in all! So it’s not that much of a drag, and almost all the episodes are eminently watchable. If you loved Fringe and have been craving for more sci-fi, then you can’t land a better show at the moment.

To help you along, Wired has this incredibly convenient binge-watch guide. Though I wouldn’t really recommend that you skip any episodes!

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