Savoury muffins? What an abomination, you’d think! I mean, really, who would’ve thunk?

But they’re real. And they taste pretty darn good! All you need is an oven and a muffin tin and you’re set. I wanted to bake something different this weekend (you get bored after a bout of banana cakes). Anyway, I was browsing Yummly( my favourite app for new recipes) and by a stroke of chance, landed upon a recipe of something called Omelette Muffins. The best thing is that this a completely versatile dish, so you can mix-and-match whatever ingredients you like to suit to your taste (and craziness!). I closely followed the original recipe but also tried to adapt it to my Indian palate.

So here’s the recipe, without further ado!

What you’ll need:

Carrots (shredded) – 2

Potatoes (finely chopped) – 2 or 3

Onions (diced) – 2

Spinach – a cupful

Eggs – about 6

All-purpose flour – a cup

baking powder – 1 teaspoon

Milk – 1/2 cup

Cheese (shredded) – a little

Chilli powder/garam masala/pepper – to your liking

How to do

1) First fry all the veggies in a couple of teaspoons of oil along with some salt until they’re about 50% percent cooked (they’ll again cook in the oven, so don’t fry them for long). Leave this to cool for a while.

2) Start pre-heating your oven to 170 degrees Celsius.

3) Now beat up 6 eggs in a big bowl. Once it’s nice and fluffy, add the milk and cheese and whisk again until its properly blended.

4) Now add the flour, salt and spice powders (feel free to play around here) and then slowly blend in the veggie mix we have prepared before. Make sure that the veggie mix is not very hot as it will make the eggs to cook.

5) That’s it! Pour the mixture in the muffin tin, filling upto 3/4ths. Bake it on the medium rack for about 30-35 mins. Let the amazing aroma from the oven fill your kitchen.

6) Serve warm.

Cooked eggs have the tendency to accumulate moisture over time so its better to consume them immediately. If you are baking ahead of time, you’ll be happy to know they also freeze well. Just put them in a plastic wrap and freeze. You may defrost them when you need.

Now go and make these immediately. You can thank me later! 🙂