Uday Who?




1. To rise, to ascend


1. Morning

Hello, and welcome to Udayology.

Wait, what?

Well I thought let’s come up with an interesting blog title that includes my name. And I stopped at Udayology. Even though it doesn’t make any sense. This blog clearly is not a study of myself (or wait, is it?)

There’s actually Β one more word hidden in that title. No prizes for figuring it out, though πŸ˜›

So what are you?

A human. A normal one. Though I’m a Wizard in the parallel universe I’ve created in my head. They call me Uday, the Ultraviolet.

You should probably also know that I’m an introvert. An INTP to be specific.

Hmmm, ok, tell us about your interests

Jack of all trades, master of a couple. I guess. Well, I hope.

I love reading (practically anything) and writing! English is not my first language, but it has always fascinated me. And I keep learning new things everyday. Music is my life-blood. I don’t think I can go a single day without it. Movies are an escape. So I like watching them only in theaters. TV Series’Β are an addiction, which I’m trying to control. Video Games is me living out my escapades. So no wonder I veer towards RPG a lot.

To geek, or not to geek. That has never been the question. So I freely geek. And nerd.

Oh and yea, I have a keen interest in photography. Β I also love Traveling –Β visiting new places is an absolute delight. Β Top 3 places I want to visit – Rome, Florence, Venice. Italy much? πŸ™‚

So what are you doing here?

Well, if anything, this is where I’m gonna write up about all the stuff that interests me. To develop my own voice, and to make writing a habit. Hopefully you will find something that you like.

How do you see yourself five years from now?

Wait, when did this become a job interview?

You’re right, never mind, thank you.


Uday Kanth Panthagani

59 thoughts on “Uday Who?

  1. The way you have described yourself is awesome. If my guess is right, you have used the “retro” filter from the Lumia Selfie app for your profile picture, haven’t you?


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    • I can hide nothing from you πŸ˜› You are absolutely correct.

      And thanks, btw for the compliment on the profile. I wondered if I went a bit eccentric on that.

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    • Dude, I’m speechless!! Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad we met and am truly honored by your gesture. You are a big inspiration to me as well, at your age I was just reading and playing computer games πŸ˜›

      It might take a considerable time before I get down and write my own post, but thanks again! This means a lot to me! πŸ™‚

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      • πŸ˜€ Don’t get your hopes too high though, I’m too often found playing video games and reading, when I’m not doing anything else (which is always) πŸ˜›
        No worries! Take all the time you need. πŸ˜€

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    • Prakash! I’m so sorry! I just realized that you have nominated me for this award as well. Somehow slipped my mind. Anyhow, I just did a post for the same award yesterday from an other nomination so will just add your name in that.

      Thanks, btw! And nice to meet you too. πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Uday
    Got your blog thru one of my friends.

    Happy to share that my creative fun learning book “The Paanwallah MBA : And My Experiments With Tooth” has been published recently and available through Notionpress.com/read/the-paanwallah-mba also in e-book form.

    I am sure you will like it.


  3. Hello Uday, your description made me wait and think for a second! How long have you been blogging? Exceptionally well written bio! I too feel like starting a personal blog. Well, let me introduce myself to you with my online alias ‘Replica’ – a shadow of thoughts of inner me. I would surely follow your posts and am sure will come up with my own blog soon. Wish me luck and will be in touch.


    • Hey there! thanks for the comment. I’ve been blogging for about six months now though I did dabble in writing a bit before. I’m elated that you found my bio interesting. And best of luck for yours too! Keep in touch.


    • Congrats Jahnavi and many thanks for nominating me! I really like the kind of posts you write too: very thought-provoking! I recently made my blog award-free so while I may not do a blog post for this I think I’ll simply answer your questions in the comments πŸ™‚ Hope that’s fine!

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  4. Congrats “Udayology”!!You were those first readers of my blog and I was so very happy to see a comment or like from your.Such is the “rishta” :P.I have absolutely loved all of your stories,those tiny lessons on English :D.Keep writing and entertaining more!Well,I know you have made your blog ,”award free” ,still,I have nominated you for the β€œOne Lovely Blog Award”.Please check out the link :


  5. The name of the menu ‘UDAY WHO?’ kinda made me laugh. πŸ˜€ Creative one!
    And its super strange that introverts seem the complete opposite when they write & FYI they write amazing!
    Love your blog πŸ™‚


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