7-Day Nature Challenge – Day 3

The sea, of course, is a constant presence in my photos.

Even here, when the focus undividedly goes to the flower, the sea is still there in the background, adding another layer of intrigue.

I was also quite surprised by the kind of bokeh my phone achieved.

Location: North Cliff, Varkala, Kerala




7-Day Nature Challenge – Day 1

Nature photographs, I have ’em a plenty 🙂 But how good are they, I leave it up to ya’ll. Since I noticed a handful of bloggers I follow doing this right now, I thought of joining in the fun too.

So anyway, let’s talk about the below photograph.

This was taken at one of the beaches in Visakhapatnam, at about six in the morning. You guessed it, I wanted to catch the sunrise! It took me a while to get a satisfactory shot. The lighting proved to be a problem, but in the end I think it turned out just fine.



Score Saturday: Joy Turns to Sadness – Inside Out – Michael Giacchino

I don’t really enjoy admitting to people that I can become an emotional mess when I watch something like the finale of Inside Out, but it’s true and it has happened. And we’ll never talk about that again 😉

If I may even say so, I think I’m gonna miss Chennai as much as Riley missed Minnesota. And this Giacchino guy knows how to push the right buttons  to bring you over the edge.

The music that starts when Sadness takes over Riley’s memories (skip to 1:36)  is really beautiful and actually reminded me a lot of LOST. Those bare piano notes sound so desolate, like one’s hanging onto a thin thread of hope, before things change for the better.

Grammar-ease: ‘Used to’ vs ‘Use to’

I know I haven’t had a Know Thy English for so long. This is an interesting confusion that even I used to face… 🙂

Live to Write - Write to Live

Today’s topic is one that I found curious, and think you might, too.

When do you use used to and when is it use to? Both statements are used when speaking about something done in the past and both are followed by an infinitive in a sentence.

It’s amazingly simple!

UseToWhen used in a positive sentence, it’s used to; when used in a negative sentence (with didn’t), or as part of a question, it’s use to.

What do I mean by that?

Positive sentence examples:

  • The dog used to bark at every person passing by.
  • We used to go camping for two weeks every year.
  • I used to candlepin bowl every weekend.
  • He knows there used to be a convenient store on the corner.
  • She used to love living in the city.

Negative and question-form sentence examples:

  • The cat didn’t use to scratch the furniture.
  • We didn’t use…

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A year in Udayology. G’bye 2015!

I almost never shares quotes on this blog, but since this is the dawn of a New Year and since I need the push too, this is one of my favourite quotes from Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci!


So an other year has crept by us, like water under the rug. I know it has been a year filled with mixed emotions – a lot of terrible things happened worldwide. I myself was witness to one of India’s worst (and probably world’s) flash flooding to hit a metropolitan city. But I’m here at this moment, with a greater appreciation towards life and humanity.

2015 has also been a revolutionary year for me. I finally took the plunge into blogging and it will probably remain as one of the best decisions I will take in my life ever. I still cannot explain lucidly what Udayology really is, but I wouldn’t be the same person without it. For all of you who have stuck by me through the year, thanks to you all and I wish everyone of you a great new year ahead.

Now I know WordPress has already created an annual report for me, but I decided to do something more. I’ve posted a total of 232 posts this year and I started writing in March, so yes I really did strive to write as much as I can.  Just in case you missed any.

My favourite posts from what I wrote:

  1.  The Letter (a post I wrote for Writing 101 which got overwhelmingly positive feedback)
  2. A God Shaped Hole in the Universe (again , for Writing 101. I rest my case on God)
  3. What a Duck Wants (a quirky story I wrote for Flash Fiction challenge run by Priceless Joy)
  4. Hermione Granger and the time she saved Middle Earth (I call it cross-fiction! Combining characters from HP and LOTR, I probably went a little nuts on this one 🙂 )
  5. 10 Things Not To Say To A Hobbyist Photographer (You know, because this had to be said)

The posts which got the most views:

  1. That Sitar music from Piku everyone’s raving about (the instrument was actually Sarod but the title stuck. This one’s a Google search gold mine. If you haven’t listened to the music bit yet, I strongly suggest you give this a go.)
  2. TAMASHA – Music Review (I loved this album to the core! Again, a lot of views from Google)
  3. Premam – a lovely film  (my review of this Malayalam hit)

Incidentally, all of my posts with most views had to do with movies.

And have you read these travelogues?

This year, I finally plucked up enough nerve to go out on solo trips and I have to say I immensely enjoyed them. It’s so exciting when it’s just you against an entire city or town. Solo trips are also, in my humble opinion, an effective way to reconnect with your self.

  1. A Trip to PondicherryPart 1, Part 2
  2. A Trip to Varkala, KeralaPart 1, Part 2

And as I always do, ending it with some of my best photographic moments of the year…



An evening in Mahabalipuram

About my Laptop situation: Well I can’t believe I ever blamed my laptop but turns out Microsoft is the real culprit here. The recent update to Windows 10 somehow fudged up my keyboard drivers, as the issue seems to be isolated only to Windows. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on the side now (and this revamped version is just fab) and it seems to be working perfectly! My laptop is dying I know, though I cannot say for sure how much time it has got. The wheezes and coughs are getting more frequent but I don’t want to pull the plug until its last breath.

With that aside, I’m glad to be back to seeing everything on the big screen again. So I thought why not share these photographs that I took over the long weekend at Mahabalipuram.

This quaint little town is just an hour’s drive from Chennai and is famous for its well preserved rock-cut sculptures and temples from the Pallava Dynasty (circa 7th Century).  A great place to laze off, it’s a bustling tourist spot these days with people from all over the world who are instantly drawn to its slackened pace of life and the cozy road side cafes.

I never pass up a chance to visit, and this evening was special too.


The view from this lighthouse is amazing!


And this used to be the lighthouse in the olden days!


To cap it all, it’s actually the monkeys that make the trip so amusing!


Look at that fellow, ha!

Happy Holidays, y’all!


I think Santa has a world-class GPS tracker that accompanies him on his rides. How else would you explain the precision with which companies like Google and Microsoft are able to track his every move?! Anyway I just asked Cortana where Santa was and she replied that he is dashing from one place to the next, delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls. Figures why I never got my gifts. That or the fact that I never believed in him. I would have loved a magical ride on the Polar Express though. Just sayin.

So in other *merry* news, my laptop finally and unapologetically broke down today. Yes, on Christmas day. If God is indeed real, then this must be his way of sending me a message. I’m now typing this on my phone, and hating it every bit. I don’t understand how some of you do it but I’m just not made to type copious amounts of stuff on a tiny screen. So it’s quite possible, also what with an impending vacation on the horizon, that Udayology will probably go on a hiatus until I’m able to sort out this situation. See you on the other side, folks.

I’ll leave you with this little photograph I took today.

WPC: Gathering

2015_12_13_18_02_11_ProShot (2).jpg

This week I bring you the mad crowds at Charminar, Hyderabad.

This iconic monument has a bustling neighborhood with lots of brightly lit shops adorning the roads and bylanes around it. Couple that with the popular Mecca Masjid nearby and you have THIS on a Sunday evening. People, people, people everywhere!

So many people that I didn’t even dare go anywhere near the structure.

For WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Pray for Chennai

Reblogging this as I’m too disturbed to write in my own words…

Live 🙂 Laugh 😀 Love ❤

My beloved Chennai which we playfully tease as the city with diverse climatic conditions of Hot .. Hotter.. Hottest – is in a state of pure terror.

Rains are not the occasional soul-cleansing stream of water that triggers petrichor anymore. Rains have caused unbelievable havoc in the city. The residents and the Goverment of Tamil Nadu were not at all prepared for this kind of calamity. Rightly so. Who in their right mind could be ready for THIS much of rain. That too in Chennai.

People that are blaming the government for poor drainage systems and rain water management, I feel you. But no amount of preplanning could have saved us from THIS.

It blows my mind to think that, there have been times in the recent past where “drought” and “water scarcity” were the only concerns of this sinking city. Look at us now.

Every goddamn road is flooded…

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