Give me Love – Ed Sheeran

Now there was a time when I used to watch Vampire Diaries, just for the music. And you have to take my word for it. Trust me, I think vampires are the grossest thing ever and am not a masochist in any way. So anyway, the show’s music overseer Chris Mollere does an amazing of picking the right songs as background for the scenes. It’s the kind of music that I adore – mellow and intense. And each episode used to feature no less than 5-6 songs and I have discovered many amazing but lesser-known songs and artists.

Ed Sheeran is everywhere these days. He’s awesome so deserves it all anyways. And this was the first song I’ve heard of him in an episode. I dunno what I like more – that guitar, his voice, or the lyrics. Lovely, powered to a million times.

My favourite bit? That segue at the 2:00 mark. (In this video, it’s at 1:37)

And for the record, I don’t watch Vampire Diaries anymore. I’ll miss the music but the show has become too preposterous to dedicate my time.

17.8 Music Monday – Feat. Coke Studio Pakistan, Amit Trivedi, Ouseppachan, Gopi Sundar

Where I bring you the best of International as well as regional Indian music….

Loads of fantastic music this week, but nothing from the Western lands I’m afraid. There was absolutely nothing that caught my eye recently. Most of the times I take a look at the International Top Charts and go…What the hell are people listening to these days!!

Anyway, without further ado, let’s delve right into the songs then.

1. BEWAJAH – Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Coke Studio Pakistan: Season 8

Language: Urdu

One of the best things of Pakistan is its music, and I’ve always loved their sense of sublime melody. So you can totally understand when I tell you that this one song has me going nuts ever since I first heard it yesterday. A beautiful and soothing melody with incredible vocals and orchestration. It’s true that music has no language. My idea of bliss…

2. Kalandar – Amit Trivedi

Language: Marathi

A quintessential Amit Trivedi number, with a fun tune and a good rock base! There are also the usual Amit embellishments that make this song that more interesting.

3. Chantham Thelinju – Ouseppachan

Language: Malayalam

I love the Malayali’s enthusiasm for intermixing classic Carnatic raagas over modern instruments. Sounds sooo good to the ears! This one might sound a bit old-fashioned, but completely grew on me after just a couple of listens.

4. Motta Modatisaari – Gopi Sundar

Language: Telugu

I humbly present a song from my own mother tongue after a long time. But still the twist here is that this song is composed by a Keralite! Anyway, with such an imaginative tune and pleasing interludes this one is an instant ear-worm. And the chorus by children is an added plus!

Have a great week ahead, dearies! If there’s any good song out there that you think I should listen to, don’t forget to let me know! 🙂

Music Monday 3.8.15 – AGAM

Contemporary Carnatic Progressive Rock.

Not something I ever thought I’d see in one sentence. But this sensational Indie band AGAM has been doing it for years and let me tell you, their music is just divine!

Classical Carnatic and Rock are simply meant to be together!! Carnatic as you know is one of the two forms of classical music in India, the other being Hindustani. I can’t tell you how incredible it sounds to have raagas laid over something like electric guitar. Music from Indian films has become too insipid these days, with rarely any bold attempts. But Indie artists have the luxury to create varied pieces of music and I’m just glad the whole indie scene is taking off in our country right now.

Sharing two of my favourite songs of theirs.

Dhanashree Thillana. Let the infectious beat take over you. I can’t help bob my head, shake my legs and do a mad dance with my fingers whenever this song is on.

The Boat Song. Simply out of this world. The Carnatic base works wonderfully. Watch out for some stellar electric guitar.

Music Monday 27.7.15 – Lean On

I’m trying to bring some order to my posts here, a calendar of sorts, which is sorely missing from this blog. It will at least give me a compass as to what to write on a particular day. And it give will you an idea as for what to expect when. I previously had a Song Of The Week segment which took a beating this last month but which I really want to revive. So I gave it a a new name and a new slot – Music Monday! This is when I’ll be sharing a song/songs that were on my playlist that week. You can expect songs from the west, as well as in Indian languages of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam as these are the ones I mostly listen to.

And since I also love musical scores a lot, there’s also gonna be a Score Saturday, where I will highlight one musical score from either a Movie/TV Show/Video Game. The world of epic orchestral scores awaits you!

That’s about it on the music front for now. 🙂

To start off on a cheerful note, this week I’m presenting one song that slowly grew on me this past week. It’s apparently on the top charts now, and the music video is actually shot it India which makes it doubly interesting!! Perfect song to groove to.