Harry and Ginny Potter visit India! #fanfiction


Sunday, the 30th of August, 2015

Acclaimed wizard Harry Potter and wife Ginny Potter make the trip to India for the International Conference Of Wizards

By Rekha Rengasamy

The well-awaited Indian visit of internationally popular wizard Harry Potter and his wife Ginny Potter began yesterday amidst much fanfare. The Minster of Magic Mr. Abdul had arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport to receive the couple whose British Airways’ flight touched down at 7:55 AM. The arrival had been smooth and uneventful, and there had been a bit of debate as to the muggle means of transport used versus the much safer Floo Stations.

Things were noticeably different and celebratory at Mantra Nagar, the official magical quarters of New Delhi. Little kids and teenagers who have up until now only read about the Battle of Hogwarts – that took place almost thirty years ago –  in their history books eagerly lined up the avenues to catch a glimpse of The Boy Who Lived and his wife, who was a star in her own ranks as a Quidditch player for Britain.

The visit, though, is primarily focused on the International Conference of Wizards that is to take place in Delhi from today till the 5th of September. Ginny Potter, now an acclaimed sports reporter for The Daily Prophet is supposed to give a key note tomorrow on how sports journalism has reached its saturation and needs to improve to attract more of the kids towards sports in general. She will also be talking about raising awareness in Indian youth towards more indigenous sports like Pachkees and Magic Carpet Racing.

In a press conference arranged yesterday at the Indian Ministry of Magic chambers, Mr. Abdul proudly presented the couple to the nation and noted how excited he was to have them in the country and also mentioned that he was a big fan of their son Albus Severus Potter, lead vocalist of the alt-rock band The Wandmakers.

Harry Potter on his part seemed nonplussed by all the attention. He said to an eager crowd, “Thank you for the warm welcome. It feels wonderful to be here, I’ve always wanted to visit India with my family though that never came to happen due to either mine or Ginny’s work. Really looking forward to the conference and the Taj Mahal trip we have lined up right after.”

As of now we’re not sure how many days they’re gonna be staying in the country but several reports confirm that the couple might well stay until the end of September to kick off the 21st edition of the Indian Quidditch League. There are also rumors that they might be traveling extensively in India, and would even pay a visit to Nalanda Mantralaya, the top school of witchcraft and wizardry in India today.

Catch the live telecast of the conference on our TV network, channel number 7 3/4.

11 thoughts on “Harry and Ginny Potter visit India! #fanfiction

  1. A great fanfic! I like the way you tell the story through a news article. I wrote a Harry Potter fic once – I still feel a little guilty that I left a cliffhanger ending and promised a sequel that was then never written!

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