Why can’t people just shut up at the movies?

I know this is a topic I bring up time and again, but my brain’s gonna explode one of these days.

I mean, I totally understand if it’s a movie of your favourite star and you are whistling and cheering along. This is what I call non-disruptive noise. It puts the audience in the mood and basically everyone has a good time. Indian masala movies are supposed to be watched this way.

BUT! There’s a creed of moviegoers (suppressing a lot of swear words, all starting with F) who talk, comment, giggle, make audible gasps/sobs. Like, seriously? Do these people think that they’re in their homes? Don’t they have even a shred of common sense? Can people really be so callous? Don’t they realize that they’re probably ruining the experience for everyone else? Can somebody please get me off this damn planet?

I mean I go to the Mission Impossible movie today thinking of having a good time. I should have known my fate when a group of over excited teenagers settled in the row before me. I thought what’s the worst that could happen. Oh, little did I know!

It was like somebody was filming ‘Excited teenagers react to Mission Impossible movie!!!

No amount of ‘Shussshing’ from the audience could stop these imbeciles from making a comment on every scene in the movie. They had to say ‘Awwwwwwwww, cute’ when Benji appears in a red shirt. They had to gasp in horror when Ethan is being hit. They had to giggle loudly at every joke. Oh and they had to yell ‘BITCH!’ at the screen when Elise escapes with the data. At which point I had enough, and killed them all (in my head, that is).

But are these people even trying to understand the movie, I wonder?

The thing is, they weren’t even drunk. I would have understood the behaviour otherwise. But these were just a bunch of reckless and probably spoiled teens who think the world is their stage. Now I need something remarkably good to happen to restore the little bit of faith lost in humanity today.

Oh well.


16 thoughts on “Why can’t people just shut up at the movies?

  1. Now this is different. I haven’t heard you rant over anything other than Government policies on Porn. Kids are over excited, maybe they haven’t got a hang of their testosterone levels yet πŸ˜› Better watch another good movie or Interstellar again, or some good photography to get you back. πŸ™‚


    • Oh I never wanted this to be rant blog you know. Though sometimes I get pushed to the limit. I was in rage when I wrote that yesterday. It was good to get it out of my system though πŸ˜›


  2. Then there are also those people who have already seen the movie but come again and spoil the fun for others by telling the story in an audible voice. Damn those!


    • Oh they’re the worst! I remember watching a Telugu movie in Hyderabad, the hero will be shot unexpectedly before the interval though thanks to a dunderhead I knew it before it happened :/

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    • In this case yes. I didn’t specify the gender for the fear of sounding like a misogynist. πŸ˜› But I’ve seen a fair share of men do it as well. Badlapur was ruined due to same :/ But how do you make peace with something like this? It makes my blood boil every single time. 😦

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  3. Hahahah…so true. I might sound insensitive but I hate it when people get infants to the movie hall and they keep howling and growling and what not! Worse is when you yourself go along with people who do that. πŸ˜›


    • Oh no not at all, because I share the same opinion too. In fact I think I even said somewhere that parents need to bring tranquilizers along with kids πŸ˜› It’s the worst really, you go to a good movie and there’s a little kid wailing next to you. :/

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  4. My family had to change our usual cinema just because of this bullshit! But the audience at the one where we go now is always very sophisticated and quiet. And I mean too quiet. They don’t even cheer or clap on scenes that are clap-worthy πŸ˜€ Which is simply amazing! Yeah we do have some instances where a baby starts yelling and crying, but the administration asks those parents to leave the auditorium! God, I love Cinestar (the cinema I’m talking abt).


    • Oh you’d be hard pressed here to find a quiet audience in any multiplex. But anyway as I said, I don’t mind the cheering and clapping, it’s the talking that I have a problem with!! Grrrr.


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