So this week, we are supposed to come up with a photo that makes everyone go – Mais bon sang qu’est ce que c’est!!!?

If not that, at least a simple “What the hell is that!?” is also fine 😛

And this is what I got. Probably not very mysterious, but after several failed attempts at doing a macro of my soap, inspiration struck at work today.

Rings of Fire!!

And if you are wondering: Kezako is apparently slang for the much longer ‘qu’est ce que c’est’ which literally translates to ‘What is it that it is?’. Though the French use it to simply mean What is it? 

Link to the original challenge:

In other news, this is my 100th post!! 😀 Happy century to me, yay!


14 thoughts on “SL-WEEK 3: KEZAKO!

  1. I will prefer “What the hell is that?” Nice photo with such clarity.

    I saw your text widget and the word that you used, “Lumiographer” suits us perfectly. Wow!


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