Writing 101

This page contains links to the pieces I write for the Blogging University: Writing 101 course from WordPress.

Day 1 – Unlock your mind

Day 2 – Room With a View

Day 3 – Three important songs

Day 4 – What have I lost? Part 1

Day 5 – The letter


2 thoughts on “Writing 101

  1. “Here, have one last morsel,” pleaded his mother. He shook his head, wailing.

    But she knew what to do. She opened up the window and scouted the night sky, and sure enough, there it was! Gleaming amidst thin clouds, the full moon adorned the sky like a pearl does an oyster. “There, see! Look at Chandamama, and how beautiful and bright he is!!”

    The child was suddenly in a rapture and opened his mouth wide. She smirked. The trick always worked.

    Seven years later. It was the start of a new school year and students eagerly hurried across the courtyard to find out their new classrooms. Inside classroom 6-B, the class teacher was having student introductions. He asked every pupil to tell his/her name, hobbies, and ambition in life.

    A scrawny kid who had dashed earlier to sit in the front row shot up from his seat. His freshly oiled hair shone in the sunlight, and the thick rimmed glasses added some volume to his otherwise shrunken face. The wrinkles on his shirt stood out in the sea of neatly pressed ones.

    “My name is M. Anil,” he said proudly, “and my hobbies are reading newspapers and listening to music. My ambition is to become an astronaut and go the moon!” A couple of girls to his right giggled but he didn’t flinch.

    An astronaut!!” mocked the teacher. “And why do you want to go the moon? To play marbles!?” He sniggered.

    Anil was used to comments such as these by now so he simply replied, “It’s my dream, sir!”


    Twenty years later. It was thundering and pouring heavily outside. The radio in the almost dilapidated house on the edge of the village was brought to life. After blaring with a lot of static, a thick male voice suddenly comes into focus.

    …and today America has created history by making its first manned mission to the Moon successful. Neil Armstrong became the first man ever to set his foot on the moon, followed by…

    Anil listened intently to the news. He’d been following the developments of the Apollo-11 mission for the past year and it excited him that someone has achieved what his dream had always been. Though the undeniable truth is that thinking about it never failed to make him wistful. About the life he would never have.

    His wife suddenly appeared at the door with a worried expression. “I heard someone say that excess rain water is flowing into our rice field! Please go and look urgently!”. He heaved a groan, and hurried to the farm with an umbrella in hand.

    He didn’t regret the choices he had to make in his life, because more often than not, life happens. He just was not living out his dream.


  2. I am sleeping peacefully on the comfy bed, lost in a dream. But slowly I start to come to my senses. There is movement alongside me, and people are murmuring all around. These people! They won’t let a bloke sleep. I don’t want to open my eyes lest they think I have woken up. They won’t let me cuddle back to sleep for sure. Suddenly, I sense something different. It feels like I am floating in the air. What is happening? Maybe it’s my brain playing tricks. The murmuring has stopped now, I decide I can safely open my eyes. My eyes are still blurry but I see a lot of people around, standing in silence. Then I see something big coming towards me.

    I suddenly realize that whatever that was, it’s not coming but closing on me! I quickly look around. I’m not on my bed…it seems to be wooden box of sorts. Wait, I’m inside a damn coffin!! I try to yell, but nothing comes out of my mouth. The lid closes and everything turns dark as I grapple for breath. My mind goes numb while I start to die a suffocating death…

    I wake up with a start breathless, my mind still reeling from the nightmare. Your fears always have a way of creeping up into your dreams.


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