WPC: Earth

The good people at WordPress have chosen Earth as the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge. It’s fitting to give a tribute to Mother Earth with Mother’s day just around the corner.

Always full of surprises, our planet is full of inspiration. I get it from the calm and comfort of the sea and the pretty colorful flora. You probably are tired of hearing that though. ­čÖé

WP_20160105_15_30_19_Rich (2)
Just staring into the beyond…!
WP_20160105_15_32_25_Rich (2)
Human infestation in the background.
WP_20160104_14_16_32_Rich (2)
So. Damn. Magnetic.
Those petals caught the sunlight so beautifully…

7-Day Nature Challenge – Day 3

The sea, of course, is a constant presence in my photos.

Even here, when the focus undividedly goes to the flower, the sea is still there in the background, adding another layer of intrigue.

I was also quite surprised by the kind of bokeh my phone achieved.

Location: North Cliff, Varkala, Kerala




7-Day Nature Challenge – Day 1

Nature photographs, I have ’em a plenty ­čÖé But how good are they, I leave it up to ya’ll. Since I noticed a handful of bloggers I follow doing this right now, I thought of joining in the fun too.

So anyway, let’s talk about the below photograph.

This was taken at one of the beaches in Visakhapatnam, at about six in the morning. You guessed it, I wanted to catch the sunrise! It took me a while to get a satisfactory shot. The lighting proved to be a problem, but in the end I think it turned out just fine.



WPC: State of mind

I really believe my photographs reflect my state of mind, which for the most part does not go through a lot of extremes. So it’s not a surprise that the kind of photos that I savor┬ácapturing the most are of tranquility.

Take this photo of the Yarada beach from my recent trip to Vizag. It was quite far from the actual city, so by the time I reached there, it was just me and a couple of other people in the entire beach!! A couple of scattered fishing boats, crabs flitting about the shore, and a distant view of the hills with the setting sun. Just the tonic the mind needs.


For Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

WPC: Vibrant!

AdobePhotoshopExpress_36a3e79b156e444aafd9a573a8d141eb (2).jpg

This Guava-and-Cranberry concoction with a fair bit of mint leaves thrown in really helped me cool off on a hot January afternoon! Punchy flavors with a right balance of sweet and sour, and combined with a luscious Carbonara on the side – simply great!

At the Flying Spaghetti Monster Restaurant, Vizag.

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