WPC: Earth

The good people at WordPress have chosen Earth as the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge. It’s fitting to give a tribute to Mother Earth with Mother’s day just around the corner.

Always full of surprises, our planet is full of inspiration. I get it from the calm and comfort of the sea and the pretty colorful flora. You probably are tired of hearing that though. 🙂

WP_20160105_15_30_19_Rich (2)
Just staring into the beyond…!
WP_20160105_15_32_25_Rich (2)
Human infestation in the background.
WP_20160104_14_16_32_Rich (2)
So. Damn. Magnetic.
Those petals caught the sunlight so beautifully…

WPC: Weight(less)


There’s something exciting about zipping your way down a hill in a small cubicle hanging off a rope! Well this recent rope-way ride in the Kailasagiri hill of Vizag made me feel the most weightless anyway.

With a great view of the city and the sea-coast, this is one ride not to be missed though it doesn’t last for no longer than five minutes or so.

For WPC: Weight(less)