Score Saturday: The Leftovers by Max Richter

The Leftovers was one spellbinding show – from the premise, the cast and performances, and the themes it explores. The best thing about it though is the atmospheric score by Max Richter. 

The musical pieces are in signature Max’s style – brooding melodies intensifying over a period of time. And a few sequences in the story stay memorable, for a large part, for the gripping background score. The last time this happened was with Giacchino’s stellar LOST.

I can’t cover the entirety of the album here, but to start off will leave you with my favourite motif from the series called ‘The Departure‘. It’s a simple melody but something that gets stuck in your head for days if you’re like me. There’s only two layers of piano to this, but the way the notes navigate in the short span is brilliant. 

The second piece is a slight variation on the Departure theme. It’s got strings and is a bit more mellow, if you will. 


Score Saturday: On the Nature of Daylight – Max Ritcher

“If you could see your life from start to finish, would you change things?” 

Been a while, folks. 🙂

But today I’m back with probably one of the best pieces of music I’ve heard in a long while. It all started with the arrival of Arrival in my life. Yes that 2016 sci-fi movie that turned out to be something much more than a mere sci-fi movie. I found the movie, and the short story that I had read later, to be both extremely sublime pieces of art.

Anyone who has seen the movie will remember this soul-penetrating piece of music that is played at the very beginning and then at the end of the movie. In a way, it binds the story together in a musical continuum. At the surface, it seems very simple. It’s mostly the same melody playing over and over again, intensifying as time progresses.

But it speaks to you and in a way only music can, you suddenly find hope in the enveloping canvas of melancholy.