WPC: Seasons

Having just crossed Spring and entering into Summer – the uncomfortable warmth is slowly creeping in. But Summer also brings an intrinsic beauty of its own.

The greens are a tad greener than usual and the Sun is a tad vibrant than before.


For WPC: Seasons

A pop of color! And a wedding bell!

Just an other flower.

So I’ve finally attended a wedding after ages. Like literally! I’m usually not very fond of them. The people, the noise, the lights – it just tires me like no other. So unless the couple getting married mean something to me, I try and avoid going to weddings as much as possible.

But this time it was a very close colleague of mine and also it was in Kerala, a state I’ve always wanted to visit! So, I thought why not! And now I’m so glad I did. The wedding was in a church, and it was beautiful from start to finish. And needless to say, the food was awesome too! 🙂

I also got a little taste of Kerala! Man, is it green!! There’s trees and plants and grass everywhere, coating the entire place in green. To go from a concrete jungle to what felt like a real jungle, it felt like such a welcome respite. Oh, and it is the beginning of monsoon season too. I finally understood the real meaning of intermittent rains!! 

I don’t have any wedding pictures for you as I don’t think they’d like them to be publicly displayed but I did capture other stuff. Like Moss! And the wonderful flora, one of which I shared above.


Also, a perfect fit for Monday’s Photo 101 theme: a pop of color!