WPC: Connected

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connected.”

Railway Stations!

Because don’t they connect different places after all!

Trains are a popular mode of transport in India as they are a thousand times cheaper than flying and are more comfortable than buses. The all-nighter sleeper trains are the best way to travel (short distances, of course) as they make you feel like you have not wasted any time at all in the process. You board the train in the evening, do some reading, curl up in the bed. And rise and shine, lo you’re in your destination! 🙂

As I stay away from home, there are two railway stations that I pass by at least once a month when I go visit my parents.

Chennai Central – This one’s clearly got the Gothic influence and still stands striking on the landscape. Was one of the main entry points to South India during the British rule.


Secunderabad Junction – Looks like a fort, before they repainted the maroon to blues and yellows and made it tamer. Still an interesting piece of architecture reminiscent of the Nizam period.


Oh, and did I mention that Chennai and Secunderabad railway stations are rated highest in the country in terms of cleanliness!

Now as a bonus, you get the interior of the Chennai Egmore station – another souvenir of the British.