The Walk – Movie Review

There are three things that need to be mentioned with regards to The Walk that impressed me a lot –

  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s impeccable French accent.
  2. The ultra realistic visual effects.
  3. Clever use of 3D

Having followed Joseph since his Mysterious Skin days, it’s delightful to see him blossom into this mature and endearing actor that he is. One can’t help but marvel at how precise he is in everything he does. And also how versatile. If he makes you believe that he really is this free-spirited, funny and ambitious French lad who wants to walk a high-wire between the two Word Trade Center towers, then it’s entirely up to the way he wears the character he’s playing. You don’t see Joseph Gordon Levitt, you see Philippe Petit.

Then talk about the visual effects. The WTC buildings do not exist today, and yet anyone who sees the movie would find it difficult to believe that everything you see is computer generated. And it’s not only about the buildings, but about the view from the top too. New York City does look absolutely spectacular from that height and getting that bird’s eye view had really been a special moment.

Now a word about the 3D. You know how the usage of 3D has become a fad now-a-days. Every one wants to do 3D even when it adds zero to the film experience. Not to mention the dark hue the movie takes under those glasses. But this movie was destined for a 3D experience. In fact, don’t watch the movie unless you’re wearing your 3D glasses! It’s that good! When was the last time you jumped from your seat because something from the screen came out at you?

Now that I’ve dealt with the physical aspects of it, let me talk about the movie’s heart. Philippe Petit is a wonder, no matter how you cut it. What he attempts and achieves tells a lot about human capability if only one sets their mind onto their goal. To know that he had spent 6 years of his lifetime just to prepare for “le coup” as he calls it, all the spying and research and planning, it absolutely blows my mind. This man had a simple but deadly goal, to walk a rope between the two tallest buildings of the time. A walk of 140 feet, 110 stories above the ground! Just how much confidence, courage, dedication and peace of mind one needs to possess to even attempt something like that, I cannot say. But we cannot deny the fact that he is an inspiration for everyone of us out here. We may never reach the heights he did, but we all can implement his ideals in our own way.

Don’t miss this one.