Am I crazy for wanting to get a Harry Potter tattoo?

When I told my sister, she gave me a stern look and said, “Don’t do anything that you are going to regret when you get older.”

Oooh. Serious sister is serious.

But you see, like a lot of people, Harry Potter had indeed been my childhood. I grew up reading the books. I grew up with Harry, Hermione and Ron (Even though Hermione had always been my champion.) I grew up dreaming of studying at Hogwarts. A little annoyed at the fact that the school I went to did not have a house point system. And that the only hall we had was a Parish Hall.

To be honest though, I was a bit of a late bloomer. I came to know that such a world existed only when I saw the trailer of Chamber of Secrets on TV (circa 2002). It was new, it was magical and I was blown away by how imaginative it was. From then on though, there was no turning back. It would come to shape up much of what I am as a person today due to the fact that without Harry Potter, I would never have gotten into books at all. Even if I had, I would have gotten into at a very late stage.

Also if you have to know, I used to watch the movies every single time they telecasted it on TV. And how it had been an unwritten law in our house that if a Harry Potter movie was being telecast, everyone knew to hand over the remote to me and not meddle until I’m done. And oh, I also used to watch the entire end credits!!

So I don’t see how I could really regret getting a Harry Potter tattoo ever, especially when I imagine that when I grow old and have grand kids of my own, I’ll be sitting down and reading Harry Potter along with them. And then I’ll show them my tattoo, and they’ll go, “Oooh grandpa, that’s so cool!” And then my son will come and ask, “After all this time?” To which I’ll reply, “Always.

This will happen. For sure. 

So I have been hunting over the internet for the past couple of days for tattoo ideas and turns out that there are a lot of crazy people out there too. I saw wands, quotes, deathly hallows, the Hogwarts emblem, Dobby <3, and even faces of the trio. But I definitely did not want something so out-there as I’m not doing this to show off. This is just me wanting to carry a little magic around wherever I go, something to remind me of where it all started. Something very personal, and private.

And I finally landed upon this:


For some reason I’ve always wanted to get the Hogwarts emblem in full colour, but this is more striking, no? Simple but beautiful. What do you think? Too underwhelming? Or just perfect?

I’m also still thinking about where on my body I should get this done. So, if you have any suggestions or any other tattoo ideas, please let me know.

The Magic lives on.