Writing 101: Day 17 – Take a Deep Breath

I am sleeping peacefully on the bed, lost in a dream. But slowly I start to come to my senses. There is movement alongside me, and people are murmuring all around. These people! They won’t let a bloke sleep. I don’t want to open my eyes lest they think I have woken up. They won’t let me cuddle back to sleep for sure. Suddenly, I sense something different. It feels like I am floating in the air. What is happening? Maybe it’s my brain playing tricks. The murmuring has stopped now, I decide I can safely open my eyes. But when I do, I find something coming towards me. I can’t quickly place it, but below it I can see grass and a lot of legs. 

I realize that whatever that was, it’s not coming but closing on me! I quickly look around. I’m in a fucking coffin. I try to yell, but nothing comes out of my mouth. The lid closes and everything turns dark as I grapple for breath. My mind goes numb while I start to die a suffocating death…

If you’ve made it this far, then congrats, you now know what my biggest fear is.

It’s not the fear of dying, it’s the fear of being stuck in extremely confined spaces. A version of Claustrophobia, if you will. I’m fine with being in elevators and all. As long as I can move inside the space, I don’t have a problem. (I’m not like Robert Langdon, you see) But being stuck in places where I can’t move, can’t see, and probably can’t help myself out – that is what gives me the chills. I still get goosebumps whenever I imagine myself in such places. In reality, this never happened to me and probably never will but I don’t know why it affects me so much.

By the way, the account you read above of me stuck inside a coffin was an actual nightmare I had. I was jittery the whole day.

And if you have to know, I also have Entomophobia. The tiny devils!