Photo 101: Big

Well the first things that popped into my head when I saw the prompt Big are the lighthouses of Chennai. I also think lighthouses make great subjects to test different POVs. You can put them afar in the frame and make them standout against the sea.

Or you can get up close and make the entire photo about them like I’ve done below.

Mahabalipuram Lighthouse


The below is the main lighthouse of Chennai adjoining the Marina beach. It was just a bit of serendipity that the morning sun was right behind it when I captured this shot 🙂

Chennai Lighthouse

What! I’ve only been to 2 out of Top 25 Indian beaches??

Well, it must be evident by now that I’m a Son of a Beach.

Hehe, really! I love beaches!

But you know what’s actually weird? My initial impressions of beaches were pretty colorless; I mean, I really thought – it’s just sea and waves and sand. You see it once, you’re done. What is so alluring about it that someone would want to return again and again? Oh how little did I know!

Up until then I’d always been going with a bunch of people, so the focus was more on the conversations outside. But then one particular morning I found myself alone on the beach, right at the time of sunrise. The weather was chilly, it had rained the previous night. And just sitting there by myself, soaking in nature’s beauty – I felt something shift in me. I was high, but not the kind of high you get when you’re wasted. It’s the kind of high one gets from listening to mind-blowing music, the kind of high you get when you’ve just finished a masterful book, or when you’ve written hundred lines of code and everything works the first time! (hasn’t happened yet, for the record)

And it that state, I saw my mind clear itself. None of the shitty stuff from the previous day competed for priority anymore. I was at will to choose whatever I want to paint the blank canvas with. It was then that I realized the beauty of a beach doesn’t just lie in how beautiful it is, but in what it does to your senses. And if you’re in the right place at the right time, how they give you ample opportunity to do some serious thinking. And come up with new ideas! Because hey, blank canvas! (If you have to know, much of the story of the book that is in planning stages now has taken shape on my trip to Mangalore earlier this year.)

And I haven’t stopped. Even today, there has to be a mandatory visit to the beach at least once a month. Or else, it feels like I’m slipping away from my sanity. Addicted? Maybe. I really need the “fix” as often as possible.

Anyway, just yesterday I was lazily browsing through TripAdvisor when my eyes lay upon their Travellers’ Choice awards for 2015. And me being me, pulled up the list of the Best Beaches in India. There were twenty five in all, and I realized that I’ve only been to two of them till now!!! That’s it.

  1. Dhanushkodi beach, Rameshwaram (A truly infinite beach, at the country’s farthest point. What’s amazing is that it’s a thin strip of land and you have Bay of Bengal on one side, the Indian Ocean on the other!)
  2. Kapu beach, Udupi (One of the cleanest and charming beaches I’ve been to. Rocks, mangroves, estuaries just complete the experience)

With the trip to Varkala (Kerala) coming up next weekend, I will cover four by the end of this year. But when am I ever gonna visit all the remaining ones! Well I guess the beaches in Andaman islands are pretty much out of bounds for now as that’s a long journey, something that I cannot afford at the moment but the rest of the ones should be pretty much doable. But what sucks is that most of them are on the west coast of the country while I’m on the east. All four states on the west – Kerala, Karnataka, Goa & Maharashtra have amazing beaches. Coming to the east, Tamil Nadu and Odisha are the only ones to feature with Andhra Pradesh taking a miss from the list. Quite understandable, I suppose.

As for the trip to Varkala, yes it’s happening next week! 🙂 I’m excited to be traveling again, and look forward to great times on this little sea-side town.  So expect a little non-activity on my blog until the 21st or so, as I’m gonna be busy planning and stuff! And I might also not carry my laptop with me this time around.

How many beaches have you been to? And which is your favourite? Let me know as I’d love to hear it.