A year in Udayology. G’bye 2015!

I almost never shares quotes on this blog, but since this is the dawn of a New Year and since I need the push too, this is one of my favourite quotes from Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci!


So an other year has crept by us, like water under the rug. I know it has been a year filled with mixed emotions – a lot of terrible things happened worldwide. I myself was witness to one of India’s worst (and probably world’s) flash flooding to hit a metropolitan city. But I’m here at this moment, with a greater appreciation towards life and humanity.

2015 has also been a revolutionary year for me. I finally took the plunge into blogging and it will probably remain as one of the best decisions I will take in my life ever. I still cannot explain lucidly what Udayology really is, but I wouldn’t be the same person without it. For all of you who have stuck by me through the year, thanks to you all and I wish everyone of you a great new year ahead.

Now I know WordPress has already created an annual report for me, but I decided to do something more. I’ve posted a total of 232 posts this year and I started writing in March, so yes I really did strive to write as much as I can.  Just in case you missed any.

My favourite posts from what I wrote:

  1.  The Letter (a post I wrote for Writing 101 which got overwhelmingly positive feedback)
  2. A God Shaped Hole in the Universe (again , for Writing 101. I rest my case on God)
  3. What a Duck Wants (a quirky story I wrote for Flash Fiction challenge run by Priceless Joy)
  4. Hermione Granger and the time she saved Middle Earth (I call it cross-fiction! Combining characters from HP and LOTR, I probably went a little nuts on this one 🙂 )
  5. 10 Things Not To Say To A Hobbyist Photographer (You know, because this had to be said)

The posts which got the most views:

  1. That Sitar music from Piku everyone’s raving about (the instrument was actually Sarod but the title stuck. This one’s a Google search gold mine. If you haven’t listened to the music bit yet, I strongly suggest you give this a go.)
  2. TAMASHA – Music Review (I loved this album to the core! Again, a lot of views from Google)
  3. Premam – a lovely film  (my review of this Malayalam hit)

Incidentally, all of my posts with most views had to do with movies.

And have you read these travelogues?

This year, I finally plucked up enough nerve to go out on solo trips and I have to say I immensely enjoyed them. It’s so exciting when it’s just you against an entire city or town. Solo trips are also, in my humble opinion, an effective way to reconnect with your self.

  1. A Trip to PondicherryPart 1, Part 2
  2. A Trip to Varkala, KeralaPart 1, Part 2

And as I always do, ending it with some of my best photographic moments of the year…