Photo 101: Bliss

People who know me enough would see these photos coming from miles ahead¬†ūüôā

Chennai and Bliss equate to only one thing. Laying down on one of its many beaches and enjoying some alone time or a nice conversation.

Marina: The king of all beaches in Chennai
Kovalam: For the more adventurous
Mahabalipuram: Just so awe-inspiring!
Because Pondicherry completes the Chennai experience after all!

Photo 101: Water

No one can think of ‘Chennai’ and ‘Water’ and not shiver at the devastating floods of December 2015. For a city that had always suffered from water scarcity, Chennai suddenly had too much water. Too much, in fact, that many buildings had gotten submerged up to the second floor! Nature had unleashed its wrath and humanity shuddered. But somehow, we made it out of it and¬†the whole things remains a morbid memory.

As I was stuck indoors the whole time, I do not unfortunately have any first-hand photos of the tragedy but this photo below was actually taken just a week before the rains intensified. This is the Chengalpattu Lake which is towards the southern part of Chennai and you can see it brimming with water already!

Also in view is the Chengalpattu railway station and a suburban train.



This is my contribution for Day 3’s prompt of Photo 101. Click here to see my other entries.

Photo 101: Street

So I’ve now decided that the Photo 101 this time is gonna be my ode to Chennai. I dunno if I can keep this up for all the daily prompts but I’m gonna give my best shot anyway ūüôā

This is the road adjoining¬†Chennai’s Egmore Station, which is yet another jewel of a building from the colonial times. A quintessential Indian street too –¬†unpaved, chaotic, and the cute little tuk-tuks!

WP_20160213_17_32_31_Pro_LI (2).jpg

Photo 101: Home

A home away from home. For me, that is the city of Chennai! A city that I was hurled into three years ago for my job. A city that I never thought I’d come to love so much. A city that I know is gonna leave me with bittersweet memories when I finally have to bid good-bye (which is actually not that far now, but that’s a post for an other day!).

Sometimes these mid-stops are as memorable as the real place that you consider your home. I don’t think I can put a single photo here which encapsulates all that I feel, there are just too many treasured memories and experiences.

But maybe I’ll get to the place where it all started. My first foot in the city was set in this strikingly spectacular Railway Station. Referred to as Chennai Central by the locals, I really appreciate the architecture and the liveliness of the place. Greyscaled it now¬†to reflect my state of mind.

WP_20150808_11_23_12_Rich (2).jpg

This is my second go at Photo 101 and hopefully this will help bring back the momentum that I seem to have lost lately.

And hey, if you’re new to Udayology, please make yourself comfortable¬†ūüôā Hope you like this little Hobbit hole of mine!

Triumph – It’s a wrap for Photo 101

When I think of triumph, my mind immediately lands on¬†this one photo. This is a full moon, captured at mid-night over a beach. It was the very first time that I tried Long Exposure photography on my Lumia. And what a place and subject to try it on too. I was ecstatic with the results as the actual night was no so bright at all. You know how full moon nights really¬†are. It made me wonder how this camera is able to capture light that is not actually present. It’s only later I understood the technical details behind it.

I’ll also remember those nights. Just me and my friends, on an almost deserted beach. Settling down on a fishing boat and talking about all kinds of random stuff while watching the moon rise over the sea. It’s a strangely satisfying experience.

The moon is not round, I know! My hand shook! -_-

Of Windows and Waterfalls

Okay I’m falling behind my Photo 101 assignments. Grrrh, it’s just I’m not finding anything worthwhile to capture that would suit the given themes. So I sifted through my older collection and found a couple of photos that I hope you will like.

For the theme: Edge & Alignment

This was taken in our old apartment, at around 4 or 5 PM. I know because I usually go to sleep after lunch and wake up around that time on weekends ūüėõ Anyway, I found the streaks of sunlight through the window really cool. And I remember that I took this through a glass door, so it’s not very clear.


For the theme: Double & Rotation

I didn’t rotate this one. Obviously. I found the two crisscrossing trunks of the trees very peculiar and it made for an interesting subject. This is Monkey Falls in Tamil Nadu, and true to its name completely run down by those pesky apes!


Whew! So that finally brings me up to speed. ūüôā

Glass. And Reflections.

I wondered throughout morning what I would do for today’s Photo 101 theme which is¬†Glass.¬†It’s not something I capture a lot nor have I done anything creative with it earlier. I was still pondering over this as I was walking out of the cafeteria after lunch when I spotted this.


All the buildings in our office have an exterior facade comprised of these colorful incisions in different shapes. Our cafeteria building, additionally, has a ¬†glass facade on one side and I thought the reflection on it created an interesting space. There’s a lot going on here so I won’t explain and will leave it to your perusal.


I probably have said this enough times already, but I do really love beaches! It’s just the way they make me feel, like I’m given a clean slate to reflect on anything I¬†want.

This wonderful quote from The Perks Of Being a Wallflower comes to mind:

“I can see it. This one moment when you know you‚Äôre not a sad story. You are alive. And you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you‚Äôre listening to that song, and that drive with the people who you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.‚ÄĚ

That’s how they make me feel. Infinite.

Kapu. One of the most pristine beaches of India.

For Photo 101: Landscape (or more like seascape!)

Up Close

A modest submission for today’s Photo 101 prompt: Scale and Observation

I played around with my work monitor and keyboard, and I liked this macro view of it. And don’t worry, I also do actual work¬†in between all the photography ūüėõ

Temple Run

As I’m late for yesterday’s Photo 101 prompt, I’ve decided to combine both today’s and yesterday’s themes into a single post.

The first one: Architecture and monochrome

This is a photograph of a Hindu temple which I turned to B/W and the result was equally good. Those damn power lines though!


And for today’s theme:¬†Moment and motion

Just something I shot this Monday in Thrissur. A man frantically running to catch a departing train.