So…you don’t get BORED???

So I get asked this question a lot.

When I tell people I live alone. You don’t get bored?

When I tell people I like to go on solo vacations. Wow, that must be boringgg! 

When I tell people I don’t mind going to movies alone. Huh, I don’t understand! Isn’t that kinda boring?

To that last person: you go to a movie to watch the damn movie, not to talk to people! Aaargh.

Anyway the answer to all of those questions is a resounding NO!!

No, I don’t get bored. In fact, I don’t have the time to get bored! 

I mean, how can I when there’s always so much to do and think and learn and experience? I don’t think we humans can actually afford to get bored. Because if we are, then I think we are not using our time in the best way. But it’s unfathomable to me, because almost everyone I know had said that they were terribly bored at least once. And maybe I shouldn’t get too rattled about it as I presume it’s only natural to get bored. And of course, I do understand that I’m the minority here, being an introvert and all. Because I tell you, my mind is never idle. Even if I tried to. And ultimately, even if I have got absolutely nothing else to do (which is a rarity), I always have my brain to fall back on. Because that baby never stops.


And the quote above is so absolutely on the money because it is true. I know for a fact that many people find me boring. Unfunny. Lifeless. And that’s all true from their perspective. Because I’m not an entertainer. Nope, very sorry there.

But in all of my existence, I have never bored myself. True. Because there’s always something. I always seem to find something to keep myself entertained. And I love that about myself. A book to read, a movie to watch, a TV show to catch up on, a story to write, a song to listen to, a concert to go, a thing to learn, a place to visit, a dish to learn to cook, a thought to ponder, something to daydream, a friend to talk to – the universe presents itself with so many interesting things that we’d be doing it injustice by worrying that we’ve got nothing to do.

And if you don’t find people to do those things with you, then so be it. Don’t be scared to be alone. Because you are all you need. Because when you base your life and happiness on someone else, you are taking a risk.

So, that’s my thought for today. Try not to get bored as much. Pick up a hobby. Find a new interest. You are who you are. Not who your friends are.