WPC: Look Up

Sometimes, what’s above can be more interesting than what’s in front of you. In fact, pointing your camera at awkward angles is the best way to get unconventional photos! 🙂

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For WPC: Look Up

WPC: Partners

Here’s my possibly silly submission for Partners, but I’m gonna run with it anyway.

I know I haven’t been photographing much lately and seriously need to get my mojo back; truth is I haven’t been venturing out that much. But I got this out of my weekend’s ride to Lake Hussain Sagar at least.

You can’t tell from my B/W processing, but the two trash cans are colored green and blue respectively. One for biowaste and the other for everything else. Though you can pretty much guess that nobody cares a damn about the segregation. Some people would even scoff at the stupidity of having two trash cans next to each other!


(No brownie points for noticing the Indian flag, second tallest in the country!) 

Photo 101: Big

Well the first things that popped into my head when I saw the prompt Big are the lighthouses of Chennai. I also think lighthouses make great subjects to test different POVs. You can put them afar in the frame and make them standout against the sea.

Or you can get up close and make the entire photo about them like I’ve done below.

Mahabalipuram Lighthouse


The below is the main lighthouse of Chennai adjoining the Marina beach. It was just a bit of serendipity that the morning sun was right behind it when I captured this shot 🙂

Chennai Lighthouse

WPC: State of mind

I really believe my photographs reflect my state of mind, which for the most part does not go through a lot of extremes. So it’s not a surprise that the kind of photos that I savor capturing the most are of tranquility.

Take this photo of the Yarada beach from my recent trip to Vizag. It was quite far from the actual city, so by the time I reached there, it was just me and a couple of other people in the entire beach!! A couple of scattered fishing boats, crabs flitting about the shore, and a distant view of the hills with the setting sun. Just the tonic the mind needs.


For Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

WPC: Seasons

Having just crossed Spring and entering into Summer – the uncomfortable warmth is slowly creeping in. But Summer also brings an intrinsic beauty of its own.

The greens are a tad greener than usual and the Sun is a tad vibrant than before.


For WPC: Seasons

An evening in Mahabalipuram

About my Laptop situation: Well I can’t believe I ever blamed my laptop but turns out Microsoft is the real culprit here. The recent update to Windows 10 somehow fudged up my keyboard drivers, as the issue seems to be isolated only to Windows. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on the side now (and this revamped version is just fab) and it seems to be working perfectly! My laptop is dying I know, though I cannot say for sure how much time it has got. The wheezes and coughs are getting more frequent but I don’t want to pull the plug until its last breath.

With that aside, I’m glad to be back to seeing everything on the big screen again. So I thought why not share these photographs that I took over the long weekend at Mahabalipuram.

This quaint little town is just an hour’s drive from Chennai and is famous for its well preserved rock-cut sculptures and temples from the Pallava Dynasty (circa 7th Century).  A great place to laze off, it’s a bustling tourist spot these days with people from all over the world who are instantly drawn to its slackened pace of life and the cozy road side cafes.

I never pass up a chance to visit, and this evening was special too.


The view from this lighthouse is amazing!


And this used to be the lighthouse in the olden days!


To cap it all, it’s actually the monkeys that make the trip so amusing!


Look at that fellow, ha!

WPC: Transition



It’s that time of the day when the mighty Sun is receding to the other side of the world, and you’re left with this warm diffuse of its last rays on the horizon.

Probably also the time of day the TV sets come to life to gear up for some prime time television!

An evening transitioning into night, this is my contribution for this week’s photo challenge.

WPC: Careful

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careful.”

WP_20151009_16_19_03_Pro [2766489]
How about a bath?
I guess this photo doesn’t really bring forth the menace that this waterfall had been. But trust me when I say that I witnessed both heaven and hell under it. For one, the water had been ice cold. And two, the force of the water was crazy! Then imagine standing under it without your shirt on. ‘Nuff said. 

Oh and did I mention the leech colony that was prospering on the wooden log? We all got out lightly as somebody noticed it very soon, otherwise just imagine the horror!