WPC: Spare

Well in a country as densely populated as India, it’s actually pretty hard to find a place that’s totally uninhabited by people. So no matter where you are there will always be at least one person or a hint of human activity on the horizon around you.

For some people this is a good thing, as to this is why nobody can ever feel completely alone and lost in India.  But I still wanna go somewhere where it’s just me all around. No hint of life, and no not even a cow lazily strutting on the meadows. Dunno why I feel like this though, inner peace? 

Yet, sometimes I get close enough. And this was one of those moments. Just staring into the beyond I suppose.


For Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

WPC: Careful

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careful.”

WP_20151009_16_19_03_Pro [2766489]
How about a bath?
I guess this photo doesn’t really bring forth the menace that this waterfall had been. But trust me when I say that I witnessed both heaven and hell under it. For one, the water had been ice cold. And two, the force of the water was crazy! Then imagine standing under it without your shirt on. ‘Nuff said. 

Oh and did I mention the leech colony that was prospering on the wooden log? We all got out lightly as somebody noticed it very soon, otherwise just imagine the horror!

WPC: Happy Place

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Place.”

I have a lot of Happy Places. You people already know that beaches are one. I can also actually be stuck in my house, with a book or a spatula or a game controller in my hand and call it my happy place. Or the times I visit my family, when I don’t have to do anything other than eating and sleeping, that’s a happy place too! 🙂

And recently I have added one more to the list. Cabin in the woods. The ones without a secret basement, I mean.

WP_20151009_14_26_08_Rich (2)

Isn’t it lovely? Surrounded by trees and birds, waking up to a soothing breeze every morning. Far away from all the noises and ruckus. This is a wonderful place to do some creative work like writing or painting or whatever.

Shot at my recent trip to Kemmangundi, Karnataka.

SL-Week 10: Windows

I think I’ve posted a similar photo sometime earlier, but not the one through the window. This one’s of course from the lighthouse at Kapu beach in Mangalore but as seen from a window midway of the stairs leading up. Sometimes I wonder how great it’d be to live in a house where you open the window to have a view like that.


For Sylvain Landry’s weekly challenge: SL-Week 10