A Trip to Varkala – Part 2

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In the beginning there was the sea,
Then there was a coconut tree,
And then a glass was placed in front of it,
And I thought it was good.

So, in the Part 1 of my travelogue, I told you how I made the trip from the east coast of India to the west to visit a charming little sea-side town called Varkala. Relatively unknown by the general populace, it makes for a fantastic getaway nevertheless. Be it for just a weekend, or months together. Varkala is one place where you can find time slipping by without notice as you lazily amble through the day. And like I said, it is one place I wouldn’t mind moving to for good if I could.

It is also obvious why the average see-all-the-things tourist might give this place a miss, because “technically” speaking, Varkala just has a beach (with a cliff, though), a temple and a handful of restaurants that serve good food. Just as well, because Varkala is not a place you come to to see things. It’s where you come to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Basking in the glorious sunsets everyday on an ever changing beach, letting the whiff of fresh air from the sea sweep over you, and taking in the splendid beauty of the coconut trees lined up pretty much everywhere – it’s an assault to the senses in the most pristine form.

And that is what you do best in Varkala. Nothing.

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Song of the Week – Sun Saathiya, ABCD 2

ABCD stands for Any Body Can Dance, so yes this is a dance oriented movie indeed. (A Bollywood version of Step Up, if you will)

So imagine my delight to have found such a sweet little love ballad in this film. It has got a mesmerizing tune, great vocals by Priya Saraiya and an overall nice foot-tapping feel to it.

But also staying true to the movie’s theme, the song is heavily and brilliantly choreographed but in a way that doesn’t seem too distracting. Shraddha Kapoor twists her body in precision to each and every note and trust me when I say that a single watch is not enough to take it all in. This lady can dance!!

Great thing is, even without the dance, the song makes for a wonderful listen. Sachin-Jigar strike gold this time.

That Sitar music from Piku everyone is raving about!

When a beautiful movie has beautiful music too, isn’t that the most wonderful thing ever!

Ever since I’ve written an article on Bezubaan, I noticed that I was getting a lot of hits through a Google search of “opening credits sitar piku” and the like. It piqued my interest and I wondered what really was so striking about that bit.


And today I finally came to know.

This is every bit beautiful and I loved it every time it appeared as a background score in the movie. And apparently the instrument is Sarod and not Sitar like what I thought before! But man, does this sound hauntingly beautiful! Totally enamored by this.

Listen and fall in love with music once again!

Song of the Week – Bezubaan, Piku

I’m late this time for SOTW! Initially started off as an Every-Saturday feature, it took a beating last week as I was visiting my parents and was busy with – you know – all the stuff that one does when they visit their parents! 🙂 I haven’t listened to any new music up until then anyway.

You know you hear a lot of “hit” music these days and almost all of it sounds like – well this is catchy, but it feels like I have heard something like this before! It’s a fact that truly original music is almost on the verge of disappearing. And yet, out of all this, there comes a song suddenly that really takes your breath away with its beauty. And it has happened again when I listened to a new Hindi song recently. I think the last time this happened was also for a Bollywood movie – Badlapur! Those songs haunt me to this day!

The Song of the Week for me is unequivocally – Bezubaan, from the movie Piku.

I love the layers in this. How the composer Anupam Roy subtly underlays guitars and sitar, the way his voice soars oh-so-beautifully, and most importantly the section starting at 3:40 – starting off with simple Sitar pattern and eventually ending in that wonderful crescendo!! (somehow reminding me of a Kodaline song)

This is exactly the reason I had to embed the full jukebox of the album here, as the other standalone versions of the song seem to miss this bit! But thankfully, it’s the first song so you don’t have to click anything!

But the whole album is so good that I really recommend you give all of the songs a go!

Good music, Good times.