WPC: Treat!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”

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You are looking at Chennai’s iconic popcorn flavor mixes!

1. Mexicana Cheese 2. Sour Cream and Onion 3. Sweet Chili Barbecue

As iconic as Sathyam Cinemas is when it comes to the multiplex experience, their pop-corn is equally iconic! In fact, I’ve once seen people visit the multiplex just for the popcorn. Yes, it’s that good!

So the way this works is this,

First you buy the popcorn (in any size).

Ask the guy at the counter to load up on butter! And if possible, more butter. (This step is critical)

And then, you are given free-reign at these flavor-dispensing kiosks! Mix and match and shake your bag of popcorn to your heat’s liking, until all of those corns are perfectly covered by the seasoning.

Enjoy the movie! Even if the movie turns out to be bad, you’ve still had the best popcorn. Day is not wasted!

A Trip to Varkala – Part 2

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In the beginning there was the sea,
Then there was a coconut tree,
And then a glass was placed in front of it,
And I thought it was good.

So, in the Part 1 of my travelogue, I told you how I made the trip from the east coast of India to the west to visit a charming little sea-side town called Varkala. Relatively unknown by the general populace, it makes for a fantastic getaway nevertheless. Be it for just a weekend, or months together. Varkala is one place where you can find time slipping by without notice as you lazily amble through the day. And like I said, it is one place I wouldn’t mind moving to for good if I could.

It is also obvious why the average see-all-the-things tourist might give this place a miss, because “technically” speaking, Varkala just has a beach (with a cliff, though), a temple and a handful of restaurants that serve good food. Just as well, because Varkala is not a place you come to to see things. It’s where you come to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Basking in the glorious sunsets everyday on an ever changing beach, letting the whiff of fresh air from the sea sweep over you, and taking in the splendid beauty of the coconut trees lined up pretty much everywhere – it’s an assault to the senses in the most pristine form.

And that is what you do best in Varkala. Nothing.

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