FFfAW: Horses have issues too…

My sister can be such a pain sometimes. The other day, a burly man came over to the farm, a huge camera thingy dangling around his neck. He told Betsy that he wanted to take pictures of us. I was elated and jumped up and down with excitement. No one comes to take photos of us anymore, unless you count the occasional super-uncomfortable selfies that Betsy’s son takes with me. I never understand what expression to put on my face when I’m being photographed at such close quarters.

Anyway, that day the burly guy set up his camera and was randomly clicking each of us. My eyes were in my best-brooding mode, I knew I was gonna look hot and irresistibleĀ in the photo. But just when the man was about to pull the trigger, my sister walks into the frame, completely obscuringĀ me and giving her fake look-I’m-so-elegant pose. The man seemed satisfied and walked away.

I never got my photograph.


(163 words)

Photo Courtesy: Priceless Joy

This is my submission for the challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 150 words with which to write a story. It is fun and addicting and everyone is welcome to participate. If you would like more information, please click on this link: FFfAW

Chilling Out

I’m glad I finally got a photo to put up for this Friday’s Photo 101 prompt: Solitude

Because stray dogs do live in solitude, fending for themselves against all odds. This cute little one seemed to enjoy the shade, in what had been a hot and humid afternoon.

And yes, this was taken in Pondicherry today in the French Quarters šŸ™‚ I’m having a jolly good time and will post more pictures from my explorations later.

All Babies are cute! So can we move on, please!

Something that annoys me all too much is people’s reaction to baby photos on social media.

“OHH MY GOD!!! HE’S SO ADORABLE” goes a screech.

“WHAT A PRECIOUS LITTLE THING!” says your distant aunt.

“AWWWWWW! SO CUTE!!!” says almost every teenage girl. (just for indication purposes, I don’t usually stereotype :P)

“SHE’S DIVINE!” says your overly religious grandfather.

Well, all of the above things may be true. But I don’t understand the need to get so excited each time we come across a baby photo. It’s not like we found a cute baby photo after a string of not-so-cute ones. Every baby is cute and beautiful and precious. So then, why can’t we just accept this fact and move on. I might sound like a crazy man right now, talking rubbish. And you might be thinking, what’s wrong with him? But sorry, sometimes people’s reaction to stuff like this does drive me crazy. It’s like, I get it but why are you making such a fuss about it!

And then there are some parents who feel the need to share their child’s photographs in all postures Ā and situations for the entire world to see. I understand if you want to take photos for your own personal collection. To capture that memory. I’m someone who would do it too. But no, I don’t want to see a photograph of your kid riding the merry-go-round. Or snuggled inside a blanket. And please, no closeups of your kid’s face next to a flower. Thank you very much.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that there are no ugly babies; heck even animal babies are cute and sometimes even moreĀ than human babies. The internet is riddled with kittens and puppies so I will say no more of them but have you seen a baby porcupine?

A baby platypus?

Or a baby elephant?

Or even a baby snake!

Okay, I agree, the last one is more scary than cute. But still, you can’t call it ugly!

So do you see now? There’s nothing special about a cute baby because cute is the way it is meant to be. So the next time you come across something cute, appreciate in silence. If you have to, that is.

What a Duck Wants – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

In response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Authors

“What the duck is wrong with you?” squeaked Mama McFeather. “You are too young to decide what to do with your life!”

I just stood there, disoriented.Ā I have myĀ family on one side and him on the other.

Why do we have to move?” I pleaded. “I love this place! Who knows what lays ‘cross the river. And he…I’m starting to like him -”

“HOLY QUACK!” jeered Papa. “We McFeathers are a proud lot and listen to me you, we do not mix with simpletons!”

“But he’s great!!” I tried to press on. “He taught me how to swim like a pro and we have so much fun together. I don’t want to leave it all behind! I may never find a friend like him again!”

Mama sniffed. “Then it’s up to you, Melissa. It’s either him or us!”

I shot him one look and I immediately knew. I took a deep breathĀ and stepped to my right.

Word Count: 159

Photo by Priceless Joy.

This is something I wrote for the weekly event Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We have to write a short piece (100-150 words, with a leeway of 25 words) based on a photo prompt.I found this exercise extremely fun and creative. šŸ™‚