Stream-of-consciousness writing on introversion: Blogging U Day 1

Write whatever comes to my mind in twenty minutes? No sir, I want to say, that’s not how this introverted brain works. Or at least mine, if I don’t want to risk speaking for my entire fraternity. I mean, what can I write about without my brain wandering off in multiple directions at once? Would it even be coherent? My mind is so adept at thinking multiple things at once or in very short succession but when it comes to writing, it can’t help but fall into the trap of rehearsing and proof-reading while I am still writing. I’ve done it just now. I’ve gone back and started reading from the top to make sure I have not got any typos or awkward sentences. Should STOP!! Promise to self, no more going back. Okay, here we go.

Let me just talk about my introversion, then. Ever since childhood, and ever since I could remember, I was always classified ‘different’ by my friends and family. I never had any discomfort being myself but the people around me made me feel that I was in fact not behaving in a socially-acceptable manner. That probably there was something missing in me. That I had a manufacturing defect. Thus, no matter how much I enjoyed being this blissful introvert, my mind inadvertently would yearn to be ‘normal’. Just so I could fit in more. But luckily, for me, I was never able to do that. I actually didn’t even know that introversion is actually a thing until I went to college. I happened to chance upon an article one day which laid out the differences between introverts and extroverts and my mind screamed ‘YES THAT’S ME!’ My joy! I was happy that I was not alone. That there really are people out there who are like me. I always saw the world differently, so when I came to know some of the best minds on earth were introverts, I felt validated. Not smugness, but just validation. That it is enough if I am myself.

It was then that I really understood the necessity of introversion. We are a minority, and no one really understands us, but that is alright. We don’t say much, but our brains are never idle. We don’t have a lot of friends, but we feel that our life is filled with people. We might not be doing something all the time, but we never get bored. So if life had thought me any lesson, it’s that being yourself is the best thing you could do to yourself.

When I recently wrote an article on my blog on introversion and a complete stranger pinged to thank me for opening hisΒ eyes to introversion, I felt glad to have passed on the knowledge! Whether extroverts accept us or not, what I feel is more important is for us introverts to accept ourselves and make peace with our identity.

16 thoughts on “Stream-of-consciousness writing on introversion: Blogging U Day 1

  1. Being an introvert myself, this post was an absolute treat to read πŸ™‚ And I’ll be honest, I did feel a little smug when I found out that the most brilliant minds in the world have been introverts πŸ˜›


  2. Wow, I had never heard of introversion before and I found this quite interesting. I myself don’t know if I am one or not, but yes I have made peace with my identity by not labelling myself at all. Thank you for writing this, I mean you did an absolutely wonderful job on this piece! I hope all goes well for you in the upcoming challenges and I look forward to what you write next πŸ™‚

    – Ainsworth


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