Score Saturday: Evacuating London – Narnia

I read the Chronicles of Narnia after I’d seen the films. Right after Prince Caspian to be exact. So my introduction to this magical series started off with the scene of a train chugging along gorgeous British landscape. Remember? The very first scene, where the Pevensie children get evacuated from London to the countryside.

In terms of the music, I consider this to be the main theme of the series. When you listen to it, just notice how it transitions from being a little gloomy at first to an almost innocent sounding middle and then moving on to an epic crescendo.

Score Saturday: Welcome To Jurassic Park – John Williams

Well long before Harry Potter, John Williams poured life into many a films with his signature epic scores. And Jurassic Park will always be special because it is one of the first Hollywood films I’ve seen, on HBO or Star Movies, huddled under a blanket at night. At that young age, it was of course the spectacle and the intrigue that drew me to it.

But even today, I still think it is one of the better movies to have come out of the decade. Steven Spielberg does the unthinkable, and John Williams’ score is simply out of the world.

Score Saturday: Lucrezia Donati – Bear McCreary

This is Bear’s own favourite piece of music from his original score for the show Da Vinci’s Demons and I have to say that this definitely one of the most beautiful melodies I’ve listened to in my life. Almost all the major characters in Da Vinci’s Demons have their own motifs and you all know how much I love Leonardo’s theme already. But it is Lucrezia’s theme that stays with one long after, I dunno if it’s the harp or how the cello takes off from there dramatically.

Do give a listen.

Remembering David Bowie

It’s ironical how ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ is one of my most favourite songs ever(that bassline literally blows my mind) and yet I’ve listened to so few of David Bowie in all the years that I’ve known this song.

Anyway, I open Spotify and lo! Looks like the good people over there have created a custom playlist today feauring 50 of Bowie’s iconic songs over the years. Listening to some of the songs, I can truly see why he was considered an innovator of his time. Some of his musical experiments are hugely exhilirating, and I can only suppose, even more so during his time.


Even if you don’t have Spotify, I strongly suggest giving The Man Who Sold the World a go. Everything, I tell you, everything about this song is fantastic. That haunting opening melody, the slightly robotic voice, the high-octave piano in the background and of course, that prominent bassline!


P.S. The Man Who Sold The World is also covered by Nirvana which is probably more well-known but I just love the original.


Score Saturday: Married Life – UP – Michael Giacchino

People who’ve seen this film will have the actual scenes from the song flash in their mind. Pixar proves that one can tell a beautiful love story in just four minutes that too without any dialogues and still make people cry. None of this would have been possible without Michael Giacchinos score though. I don’t even have words….how can something be both heart-wrenching and warming at the same time!


Score Saturday! How To Train Your Dragon 2 – John Powell

I didn’t want to put this feature in the back burner for too long. Some recent events (read: city flooding and me relocating temporarily) have juggled with my writing schedule a lot and I haven’t been able to keep with my posts. But I’m back! And I promise to keep Score Saturday alive every Saturday from now on! Besides being one of my favourite things to write about, there’s nothing like listening to some good orchestral music at the beginning of the weekend!

So this week I’m gonna go ballistic over ya’ll. With this thumping and foot-tap worthy score from the movie How To Train Your Dragon 2. It’s called “Dragon Racing” and it is pretty much is like a medley of all the wonderful motifs from the movie. John Powell is a genius, who knows how to capture the intrigue and the grandiosity of Berk and also Toothless, the dragon!  The track is 4 minutes and 38 seconds long and I can’t say which part I like best, it’s all marvelous!

Let these Celtic rhythms and beats take over you!

And since we’re here, I couldn’t resist not sharing this one more song from the movie by Jonsi. It’s a perfect, perfect song. Just imagine yourself riding a dragon when you listen to this! 😀

Score Saturday: Prepared To Do Anything – SHERLOCK

I don’t think anyone can forget this mind-blowing moment in the Season 2 Finale. What transpires between Moriarty and Sherlock on that roof-top and then the phone conversation between Sherlock and Dr. Watson – it’s absolutely stunning and heart-wrenching at the same time.

I think Martin Freeman is just fab in this scene, and also the scene that follows right after (if you know what I mean).

The music, again, wonderfully blends with the suspense and emotion.

Score Saturday: There’s No Place Like Home – LOST – Michael Giacchino

I don’t remember if I’ve shared this same score before but the truth is that I keep gravitating towards LOST and its music like an insect to a lamp. And, maybe this is just my opinion, but I don’t think anyone can really appreciate how powerful music could be until they’ve heard the music of LOST. It was the first TV show to feature live orchestral music, and I heard that Michael Giacchino had been quite adamant to make it happen. What he went on to produce then, is nothing short of magic.

Every note, every press of the piano, every melody on the violin – has become dear to me in the years I’ve watched LOST and the times that followed. While ‘Life and Death‘ is sort of the main theme, ‘There’s No Place Like Home‘ is a very close second. There’s no stopping the knot in my stomach once the violins take their positions, playing in their perfectly layered harmony.

I feel lost without LOST, to be honest. I never cared for any characters as much as did on that show.

We have to go back!