FFfAW: The Secret

This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com (free to use photos).

Bob clasped Lily’s arm and pulled her out of the house. ‘Don’t open your eyes!!’ he squealed, ‘We’re almost there!’

Lily pressed her eyes shut. Whatever this is better be good, she thought to herself. Bob had made such a fuss about this supposedly “best surprise ever” over lunch that unless he had Gerard Butler waiting on the driveway, she’s going to be very disappointed indeed. Oh well.

‘Ta-da! Open your eyes now!’

He was pointing at a car. There were lots of patterns and designs on the exterior, like probably someone has done graffiti on it but what’s even more strange were the plant thingies on top.

‘Tell me you love it! Don’t you love all those colors!!’ said Bob, beaming.

‘Oh…the colors! Yes yes.’

‘And remember how you always said you wanted a “roof garden”? Wish granted, baby.’

Oh Bob, Bob…

And apparently there’s never a good time to come out to your boyfriend about your color-blindness.

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FFfAW: A Walk To Remember

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sonya, Author of the blog, Only 100 Words.

Little Jeremy stood on the porch, sweat running down the side of his face, and peered into the darkness ahead. He could see nothing, but he could feel it, or him. Or whatever it was that was pulling him away from the house. A pain seared through his forehead and before he knew, his legs were moving on their own. He kicked at the air, and tried to press his feet down firmly to the ground just to make them stop, but the invisible force controlling him pushed on relentlessly. When he tried to yell, his lips wouldn’t budge. And the pain in his forehead was almost starting to blind him.

Then he heard it, the heavy flapping of wings.

The next instant, he was free. He collapsed to the ground, his legs finally back in his control. A gentle breeze swept over his body, taking away the headache along with it.

A door creaked open behind. “Kiddo, what are you doing out there?” his dad called out. “Come inside!!”

Little Jeremy got up and scampered to the house.

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FFfAW: That’s What He Said!



This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com

‘I still don’t see any sparks!’ announced the man wielding the camera. ‘Try to be more sexy please! Play with the table, you know…

Sweet mother of Jesus, this photo-shoot will never end.

I’d been straddled here since two in the afternoon, trying to strike a perfect pose so that everyone can go home a happy man. But either I’m doing it wrong or this amateur photographer is a total dumb-ass, nothing seems to be working so far.

‘Again,’ he says holding up his index finger, ‘Remember that we’re selling the table, not your gown!’

Huh? What exactly does he expect me to do? Sprawl myself on the table in an inappropriate position so that the table is suddenly more attractive? I wanted to yell at him then, yell at him that this is the single most crappiest-looking piece of furniture I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Yell at him that if all he needed was ‘sparks’, maybe I can set the table on fire! That should indeed make for an interesting photograph! But I won’t. I can’t afford to.

So I sigh and nod at him in understanding. This is gonna be a long night indeed.

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FFfAW: Deserted

This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ

Jake Sanders dragged his feet across the desert. The sand under his bare feet was scorching hot, and made every step a walk towards hell. The Sun, directly above his head, was at its merciless best, and showed no signs of taking a break behind the gossamer clouds. He’d been walking for three days now and trying to put as much distance as possible between him and the terrorists. Being held hostage sounded cool until they’d started killing people.

Now he had no food and water (both bottle and bladder) left, the little he could smuggle out only lasted two days. His throat was parched beyond repair, the bruise on his shoulder was getting worse and at that point, he concluded that that his time was over. There were no human settlements for miles, and he would never make it there like this. He crashed onto the sand next to a cactus shrub, ready to let death devour him.

Then he spotted it. The white butterfly wavering above his head. It looked battered and part of its right wing was missing, and yet was relentlessly trying to land on the wild flower. He had all of his limbs functional and had no excuse for giving up! He slowly managed to get back on his feet again, and as if on cue, a thunder echoed across the sky.

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FFfAW: Deutscheland

Providing our photo prompt this week is Sonya, author of the blog, “Only 100 Words.” Thank you Sonya!

Mark looked up from his cards to the other men at the table. He had won! A couple of minutes later, Mark and his friend Mitch were walking out of the pub with two third-class tickets for Deutschland, the cruise ship to Germany.

As the ship’s gates were to close in the next ten minutes, they began to sprint towards it when Mitch suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“Woss the problem, mate?”, asked Mark, panting.

“Man, don’t you feel the déjà vu!”

“What déjà vu? What the hell are you talking about? Come along now! We have less than 5 minutes!”

“No, man, this all feels too familiar, I tell ya!” Mitch shook his head, “This ship will sink!”

“Eh?” Mark sighed. “Mate I told you not to watch that movie again.”

“But just, what if? Don’t you feel the…feels?”

Maybe, but what if I get to meet my Rose?”

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FFfAW: Oh Danny boy!

Louise, with the “The Storyteller’s Abode” has provided our prompt photo this week. Thank you Louise!

Oh Danny! For once I wish you’d listen to me.

You are out there, in the sea, all by yourself. The weather guy says a heavy thunderstorm is expected in the bay tonight. And you’re not home yet. What did I tell you when you strapped on your fishing gear? ‘Danny, the clouds looks ripe. Please don’t go!’ Didn’t I plead?

But you didn’t listen. You never listen.

I’m sat at the window now; flicking a tear away, wiping my glasses, craning my neck, all in hope to see the little flash light from your boat. But all I see is the black waters of the sea.

And then the sky crackles. A wind picks up, swaying the trees to their limit. The rain droplets start to hit the roof pretty hard. Buried in that cacophony, my eyes start to rain too.

Please come back home safe, Danny! I love you so much. But I hate you for doing this to me.


This is for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers contest hosted by the amazing Priceless Joy. Today was the first time I wrote in second-person!

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FFfAW: Void

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Graham Lawrence. Thank you Graham!

Mary trudged into her beautiful garden and stared deeply into the half-finished painting on the easel. Her heart lightened a little as she remembered her sudden realization two days ago, how she had been painting mountains and landscapes all through her life but never got down to paint her own little paradise in the backyard. But had it only been two days since…?  It felt like a century.

On Tuesday, Mary setup her easel to finally paint her garden. And everything was coming along nicely when all of a sudden she heard a crash from the inside. She raced to the kitchen, her pulse quickening. Ben was lying on the floor in a weird angle, unconscious. Three hours later, the doctors declared him dead.

Now, two days later, as she looked at the painting again she finally knew how to make it feel really complete. She painted her husband in – also a first – like he was sitting on the park bench and smiling at her.

“The Paradise” hung over the mantelpiece of their home for all generations to come.


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FFfAW: Ciao

Thank you so much to Scott, with the blog, Scott’s Place, for providing our photo prompt this week.

As Jimmy walked up to the horses to say his final good-byes, the only thing he felt was guilt. He shouldn’t be leaving them, but fate had her own way. And Athena, he did not have the courage to face her…

For seven years now, Jimmy had worked on the ranch. He tended to the horses and the sheep, and even though it didn’t pay much he did it lovingly. It had been the first summer after he joined that he found a white colored pony wandering outside the ranch. No one knew to whom it belonged. So Mr. Poe decided to take her in. ”Tis not everyday you see a white horse in these parts, boy!!’ he said cheerfully. Jimmy quickly took a liking to the pony. He liked that she looked so regal with eyes that spoke of brilliance. He promptly named her Athena, much to Mr.Poe’s dismay.

For seven years, he had seen her grow into an adorable horse. She was always sport for a ride and was a great listener too.

As he stroked Athena’s forehead now, Mr. Poe suddenly appeared behind and looked at him tenderly. “Tell you what, boy! Take her with you. I think she’ll like it.’  

Slightly longer this time at 205 words but I couldn’t chop off anything. Also, I don’t know much about the cowboy culture and animal ranches so please pardon if I have made any conceptual mistakes here.

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FFfAW: Seeing is believing

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

I stand waiting on the deserted railway platform. I look around for a trace of life. Nope, not a single soul. All I can hear is the light breeze brushing through the trees and a distant cuckoo.

Well to be honest, I’ve never seen any train pass through in the three hours that I’ve been here, but this is a small village and a little out-of-ways anyway. But what I do know is that the 10:15 train from Riverton should be here any moment! And with it my husband, whom I last saw…well I actually lost count. And strangely, this feels like a dream and that I’ve been here before…but wait! I can see the smoke in the distance. It’s the train!!!


Dr. Murphy observed Katherine through the glass window of her cell. She was waving at a blank wall and seemed very excited. The tag on the case profile in his hand read –

Katherine Sanders
Age: 52
Diagnosis: Acute Schizophrenia, risk to others

The train must have finally arrived at the station, he noted to himself.

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FFfAW: On The Run

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dawn M. Miller. Thank you Dawn for our lovely photo prompt!

Damaris’ eyes locked upon the pair of shoes that were roughly strewn on the road. Robb, her husband, slowly walked up to them and picked one up.

‘I can see blood stains on the road starting from here,’ he said.

‘But why would they take off the shoes?’ she pondered. Robb dropped the shoe from his hands at this point and it fell upside down about a meter away from its twin. Damaris winced. The shoes, they disturbed her. A lot!

‘Well these shoes are really heavy,’ Robb continued, ‘So I presume he took them off to run faster, but that would mean he was being chased by something or someone.’

Damaris thought for a second.  ‘A wild animal perhaps?’

Robb shrugged and pulled out his mobile to call 911.

Damaris meanwhile set about arranging the shoes neatly side-by-side on the road. There, that’s much better!

Robb grunted. Her OCD did not surprise him anymore.

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