Score Saturday: Paint It Black – Westworld – Ramin Djawadi

Westworld is probably one of the best things I’ve seen in 2016. With a premise that gets to seamlessly fuse the past and the future, the music too gets to be as inventive. Case in point is the totally amazing modern rendition of the Rolling Stones classic – Paint It Black.

Ramin Djawadi is fast becoming one of my favourite composers. I loved his work in Person of Interest, and of course we all know he totally rocked Game of Thrones with his music, and now Westworld! I love how he plays with different genre music, and his unconventionality.

The piece intensifies as it progresses, finally reaching a goosebumps inducing epic high. This is the kind of music that you want to pump through your speakers at full volume 🙂



3 thoughts on “Score Saturday: Paint It Black – Westworld – Ramin Djawadi

  1. Just before the holidays I binged watched half of the season to catch up with the rest of the season’s programming. It was indeed the best show of 2016. The theme music was just as awesome as the performances on the show. Besides Anthony Hopkins and Jeffery Wright, my favourite in the show is Thandie Newton she gives an outstanding performance as Maeve.

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    • yay you saw it too 🙂 Thandie Newton was just stellar as Maeve!! I hope she wins at least a few awards for her portrayal.

      The writers also have done a splendid job of weaving a complex narrative with a lot of detail. But if I have learnt one lesson, it’s that to NEVER EVER READ FAN THEORIES!! Because in this case, most of what people predicted turned out to be true which kinda spoiled the finale for me 😦

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      • I hope she does as well. Any show I’m enjoying I try to stay away from fan theories, though as the show went a long I did have a few myself. Some of which did ended up being true. My husband said there was an original show/movie with Yule Brenner*. Haven’t watched that one as yet, but know for the time it was done would not be as well done as this one.


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