Score Saturday: To Eire – P.S. I Love You – John Powell

I dunno if it is just me but I think that the movie adaptation of P.S. I Love You was way better than the book it was based on. Yes they kinda changed stuff around but it was actually more coherent and apt for the story. And of course, the presence of Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank helped loads. 🙂

But, it is actually John Powell who walks away with the most honors in my opinion. His music is what adds that cherry on the cake, if not the whole flavor. The wonderful violins section in this one had been my ringtone back in college when I first saw the movie.

Time for some love, y’all.

4 thoughts on “Score Saturday: To Eire – P.S. I Love You – John Powell

    • Well it’s about a woman coping with her husband’s death. That’s not a spoiler by the way. And in a way, yes, you can probably tag it as romance. I definitely recommend that you check out the movie 🙂


  1. Ah finally! You know even I believed that the movie is a better version of the book, which is never the case in the movie biz!
    Being a die hard cecelia ahern fan, it was hard for me to accept that someone could put her story in better light than the creative genius herself!


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