Score Saturday: I’m Back, Lucious – The Village – James Newton Howard

No matter what the naysayers say, I still believe that Night Shyamalan’s The Village is one damn beautiful film, and which affected me on multiple levels. Yes, it probably was marketed wrongly as a horror/thriller, but once you see through the outer cover what remains is a poignant tale of innocence and love and charm. While the cinematography and acting were absolutely top-notch, the best thing about this film is its score!

The Village wouldn’t be the film it is without James Newton Howard’s mind-blowing cello/violin harmonies. It’s the soul of the film and stayed with me for a much longer time. While I can have the entire score of the film playing in the background when I need some musical drift, the piece below from the End Credits best sums up all the main motifs.

My favourite part: From 5:39 onwards….


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