Kung Fu Panda 3: Movie Review

Po and his exciting companions are back in the third iteration of the fun-filled Kung Fu Panda series.

Jack Black’s Po remains one of the most adorable animated characters to have come out of DreamWorks Studios and he is fantastic here as well.  As always, one of the most endearing aspect of these films has always been the clever one liners and there are an ample servings of them in this one too.

Coming to the story, we’re back in familiar waters. To keep it as spoiler-free as possible: Kai (who kinda looks like a bull?)  is an ancient foe who has been banished to the spirit realm by Master Oogway. But now he’s back with a vengeance, planning to take down the Jade Palace. Now it’s upto Po to master a secret magic to defeat Kai once and for all.

But lest I forget, we finally get to visit the much anticipated Panda village with Po reuniting with his biological father Li Shan (voiced by the wonderful Bryan Cranston). In a movie filled with so much fun and frolic, some of the best moments are the incredibly subtle but emotional callbacks to Po’s childhood and his late mother.

I also loved the music with its Chinese touch; Hans Zimmer keeps the tempo lively and even though there weren’t any standout motifs, the music wonderfully accentuates the film. The same goes for the great use of 3D, there are only a few movies out there that can justify their use of adding that extra dimension and Kung Fu Panda is definitely one of them. I dunno if this is the conclusion to the series but I’ll miss the colorful world with its cute anthropomorphic animals and the delicious food references.

If I have a minor problem with this third film, it’s only this: I would have loved for the writers to up the ante in this one, to kinda beef up the emotional aspect. But the series adamantly sticks to primarily cater to the younger crowd. Granted, the adults will enjoy this film but there’s just not enough that lingers in your mind once you’re out of the cinema.

13 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 3: Movie Review

    • Oh who said animated films are for kids only!! 😛 I think some of the animated films actually have much more mature themes than traditional films. But Kung Fu Panda is mostly for kids though!!


  1. I absolutely love Po too…and his “Whoaa!!!” 😛 Agree, the music was one of the highlights.The end credits were amazing too! But nothing can beat the first in the series that they made. Somehow every other one in their series doesn’t surpass it.

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    • Oh I gotta learn to do his “Whoaa!!” impersonation! Really how cute is that!
      And I agree, the first movie was really the best, I see that’s what happens in almost all the animated franchises. Take Ice Age for example. I cried during the first film, it was just sooo good but the rest of the films never reached that high.

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    • Hope you get to watch it, Shilpa! And I regret to say that I just couldn’t pick up A to Z challenge this year due to a lot of other stuff going in my life right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to join next year. Thanks for visiting though!


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    • Yea the first one was the best thus far! I guess I was disappointed as I expected this one to be epic, but it just ends up being just an other Kung Fu Panda movie. Nothing wrong with that though.


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