Photo 101: Moment and Motion

Chennai comes the most alive in its various shopping malls. Phoenix Marketcity in particular is the best of the lot, with its multitude of options when it comes to shopping and stuffing yourself with some delicious grub. It is the first mall in Chennai to get a Hard Rock Café, a Starbucks, Burger King and very recently, Dunkin’ Donuts!! My favourite of course is a little Italian place crammed into the ground level called Ci gusta! Gotta love their lasagnas!

It also is home to one of the best multiplexes in the city, Luxe Cinemas, featuring even an IMAX screen now.

WP_20160306_17_36_50_Pro (2)

This photo is of the escalator connecting the ground and first levels. Here’s some technical info to shed some light into understanding how I achieved this with a handheld smartphone –

ISO 64

Shutter Speed 1/2 sec.

Aperture f/2.2 (that’s fixed on my Lumia 830)



13 thoughts on “Photo 101: Moment and Motion

  1. I love the flow of the clothing on the escalator. Sounds like a great mall, although if I was there, I would be looking for more traditional food. But then, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are not my kind of place.

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    • Thanks Maggie. Well there are a lot of traditional food options too! It’s just that this is India, so all of these international food chains still hold some sheen for us. 🙂 I know Starbucks is just another coffee shop in the west, but here it’s THE coffee shop. So yea, as they say about greener grass…

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  2. You did more than just shedding light on how you set up your smartphone! It’s hysterical, because I experimented more with aperture and shutter speed on my SLR cameras in the past than I have on smartphones. I’ve kept one of my smartphones just for taking pictures, as I’ve got a better grip on using filters and such on that one, but I’m still experimenting with my recent one as it’s totally different in setup. So your post has given me a better idea how to set aperture on a smartphone–nothing stopping me now **LOL**!

    By the way, which of the chain restaurants are most popular in India? I recall a news report on the first McDonald’s in Moscow years ago, and the most interesting insight was how Russians would eat a sandwich from there. They would actually take apart a Big Mac, for example, and eat it layer by layer to make the dining experience more memorable. Of course now, they probably just go ahead and pick up the sandwich, but back then it was a big deal.

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    • Well thanks 🙂 Smartphones are very limited in their ability to fine tune the settings but most of the modern smartphones these days at least ship with manual controls to some extent. You should know that smartphones like fixed aperture. So, that’s a bummer. Mine’s f/2.2 so I can’t really get the required depth of field that any SLR can give you. Still it’s they’re extremely handy to just whip out and shoot as opposed to the bulky cameras.

      As for India, Domino’s is still a very popular pizza chain. McDonald’s kinda lost its charm, with the entry of some other better players in the burger industry. KFC is also very popular as we Indians love our chicken a bit too much. But what’s at least good is that the menus of these restaurants are usually Indian-inspired so an Indian McDonald’s would be serving something totally different than what one would get in the USA, for instance.

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    • Could you share a link to your blog? And I suggest that you add it to your Gravatar profile to make it easier for people to find you. 🙂 Cheers.


      • I usually add a link to my blog whenever I post in Photo101, but I’ll go ahead and put a link here since I’m in the process of redoing my Gravatar. Here it is–


  3. You’ve got the composition spot on in this picture. The movement in the people and the escalator leading down to the light from the door at the bottom and the two people at the bottom who appear to be the only elements that appears still. Great work! 🙂

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