Photo 101: Solitude

Well, apart from lazing around on a beach (my yesterday’s submission for Bliss), one of the other things that screams solitude is visiting the library! Not just any library, but arguably the largest in the country – Anna Centenary Library!

Seriously, if you’re a Chennaiite and a bookworm, there’s no better haven than this! Spread across seven floors and covering every damn subject under the sun, this is the ultimate place to be to discover new books on topics as intriguing as Digital Photography but also as esoteric as Witchcraft. They also have an entire floor’s worth of fiction, so that’s a big plus too.

I love the ambience of the place, very stark and modern with comfortable chairs and desks and ample natural lighting.

The only negative, you actually can’t check out books and take them home!! Yea, I know. Such a big bummer. But hey, not a bad way to curl up with a book for an entire day.


7 thoughts on “Photo 101: Solitude

  1. It is odd that books can’t be checked out but I guess that makes things simpler for the librarians.


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