Photo 101: Bliss

People who know me enough would see these photos coming from miles ahead 🙂

Chennai and Bliss equate to only one thing. Laying down on one of its many beaches and enjoying some alone time or a nice conversation.

Marina: The king of all beaches in Chennai
Kovalam: For the more adventurous
Mahabalipuram: Just so awe-inspiring!
Because Pondicherry completes the Chennai experience after all!

21 thoughts on “Photo 101: Bliss

  1. The shot of Mahabalipuram is strikingly dramatic. The movements of the two beachgoers, especially the one steppinginto the tide, pull me into the scene. The sky coloring: icing on the cake of this moving shot. Awesome photos. Truly blissful.

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  2. These are all fantabulous shots! I have heard a lot of people talk all sortsa things about chennai, but only a few have been able to put it under the right light! You being one of them 🙂 how a person talks about any place says a lot about themselves more than the place itself! Isn’t it? 🙂

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    • You’re right on the money. Not just about places, but a person’s likes always speak volumes about themselves. And I know that Chennai gets a lot of divided talk, a lot of my friends warned me that the city is nothing but an incarnation of hell on earth. But I come here and was instantly enamored. Just goes to show how much one’s preferences can affect their world view. Barring the sweltering weather, there’s absolutely nothing that I don’t find intriguing about Chennai!
      And hey, thanks btw! 🙂

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