Photo 101: Home

A home away from home. For me, that is the city of Chennai! A city that I was hurled into three years ago for my job. A city that I never thought I’d come to love so much. A city that I know is gonna leave me with bittersweet memories when I finally have to bid good-bye (which is actually not that far now, but that’s a post for an other day!).

Sometimes these mid-stops are as memorable as the real place that you consider your home. I don’t think I can put a single photo here which encapsulates all that I feel, there are just too many treasured memories and experiences.

But maybe I’ll get to the place where it all started. My first foot in the city was set in this strikingly spectacular Railway Station. Referred to as Chennai Central by the locals, I really appreciate the architecture and the liveliness of the place. Greyscaled it now to reflect my state of mind.

WP_20150808_11_23_12_Rich (2).jpg

This is my second go at Photo 101 and hopefully this will help bring back the momentum that I seem to have lost lately.

And hey, if you’re new to Udayology, please make yourself comfortable 🙂 Hope you like this little Hobbit hole of mine!


5 thoughts on “Photo 101: Home

  1. Chennai…There is something about this city that makes you fall in love with her,even if its sultry hot or raining floods. 🙂
    Its was very difficult for me to part with the city.I actually cried on my last day there!! 😦

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