The Two of Us

Everybody has two versions of themselves in their heads- 1) the person they are 2)  the person they wish they were.

I may be wrong, and probably there indeed are people out there who are perfectly happy with what they are and wouldn’t want to change a thing about themselves. But I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that most people don’t have that contentment – we always keep wishing we were better. Better than the version that we are today.

If you notice my above statement, you’d see that I’m not talking about what ‘you have’, but rather, simply, just what ‘you are’. What you don’t have today could be achieved with determination and effort, if it’s practical and you know how to get it. But what you want to be, that’s a slightly different ballgame. Let’s put ‘rich’ and ‘famous’ out of this as they’re not really concrete destinations and need a specific aspiration to hold ground.

Much of our life is spent in trying to bridge the gap between these two people. We fantasize about this other person, we know what they have that we don’t. We keep saying to ourselves that one day, we’re gonna finally be him. But working towards it always ends up to be harder than it seems. In a strange twist, our conscience seems reluctant and lazy to let go of the status quo. How many times have you resolved to start that one activity – and gave up miserably as you just couldn’t fit it into your life? Like, take me for example, I want to work out more, want to have a better sleep schedule, want to be a much better friend to people around me, a better son to my parents – and in my mind all of this seems achievable. But how successful have I been in my attempt? That’s totally debatable.

And I also know that it’s very easy to lead our entire lives like this. Maintaining a considerable gap between what we are and what we aspire to be. But I realized that I don’t wanna be on my death bed and have regrets about what could have been! So I really have to figure out how I’m gonna cut all the crap outta my life and actually work towards being who I really wanna be.

Because in the end, we have to try don’t we? That’s what keeps our life chugging along. A hope for a better tomorrow but more importantly, a better us.

Image Courtesy: Shadow

15 thoughts on “The Two of Us

  1. The sincere desire to be better and the effort you make really counts for something. Too many people are satisfied with who they are and say, “This is me. Don’t like it? Piss off!” Those people are usually quick to find the faults in others. You are probably a better son, friend and person than you think. 😉😉😉😉

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    • Thanks for your kind words Natascha. 🙂 It’s interesting what you said about people who say “This is me, deal with it!” But I’d like to believe that even they have something more to aspire to, even though they’re not willing to accept it. It’s a complicated piece of psychology for sure.

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  2. I always thought that everybody attempts to be a better version of themselves, which i have realised isn’t totally true. When you succeed in bridging the gap between who you are and who you wanna be, i think that’s the closest you get to being perfect! But, being humans, we have to maintain our reputation of being imperfect! right? Its okay, to budge off the line a little! **just not all the time!

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    • Yeah, I mean it’s very easy to aspire to be something we can never practically be. I guess these will always remain as dreams And yea, there is no such thing as a perfect human being! 🙂

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      • Aspirations are easy.( well, for the people who can dream) fulfilling them is the hard part. A lot of people I know are afraid to even dream, and if they do, they are afraid to try, coz they think they may fail! Whatever happened to the good old ways of gwtting the heck done and seeing what happens!?!

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