Grammar-ease: ‘Used to’ vs ‘Use to’

I know I haven’t had a Know Thy English for so long. This is an interesting confusion that even I used to face… 🙂

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Today’s topic is one that I found curious, and think you might, too.

When do you use used to and when is it use to? Both statements are used when speaking about something done in the past and both are followed by an infinitive in a sentence.

It’s amazingly simple!

UseToWhen used in a positive sentence, it’s used to; when used in a negative sentence (with didn’t), or as part of a question, it’s use to.

What do I mean by that?

Positive sentence examples:

  • The dog used to bark at every person passing by.
  • We used to go camping for two weeks every year.
  • I used to candlepin bowl every weekend.
  • He knows there used to be a convenient store on the corner.
  • She used to love living in the city.

Negative and question-form sentence examples:

  • The cat didn’t use to scratch the furniture.
  • We didn’t use…

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