Turns out I’m a Ravenclaw after all.

Screenshot from 2016-02-14 22:12:20

Have y’all tried the Sorting Hat on Pottermore?

Well I just did and after a flurry of curious but undecipherable questions, the Hat placed me into Ravenclaw! And I’m actually content with the decision because as cool as Gryffindor is, I know my heart echoes more of what Ravenclaw stands for.

And the quiz is actually not very straight-forward, so you can’t really trick it into giving the house you desire (read:Gryffindor). I mean: Moon or Stars? goes a question. How could that possibly be linked into any of the houses’ qualities I cannot say. But I’m sure there’s some deep psycho-analysis between every answer as it was pretty accurate in my case.

And oh, there’s a similar quiz thingy to pick your wand too – I mean, your wand picking you of course! 😉 And turns out mine’s an adventurer’s wand! Yay!

Screenshot from 2016-02-14 22:21:35

P.S. If you have been living under a rock and do not know what Pottermore is, it is an exciting new online platform from JKR herself to keep the Harry Potter world alive. There are news articles with the latest happenings, and not to forget: exploring the books again in detail with brand new information from Rowling thrown in. It’s the place to be for any true blue Harry Potter fan!!

9 thoughts on “Turns out I’m a Ravenclaw after all.

  1. I got Ravenclaw as wellll 😀 Yaaay, we’re in the same house ^_^
    The questions were really cool 🙂 but how does the selection of the color “black or white” decide your house? I thought Black must be “Pro-Slytherin”. (I didn’t wanna go to Slytherin tho.. I just love the color black) 😛

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    • Yay, we’d have been best friends at Hogwarts!! ❤
      And the questions, even I was stumped! So you chose white?? I did not get that question! I would have chosen White though, not a big fan of black 😛


    • Yay, looks like blogosphere is filled with Ravenclaws. Makes sense, I suppose 🙂 And yes, Hermione makes for a perfect Ravenclaw but I think the hat had to make a difficult choice as she definitely possesses Gryffindor qualities as well. But it makes me think, had she been placed in Ravenclaw, Harry would never have been able to kill Voldemort!

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