Score Saturday: Evacuating London – Narnia

I read the Chronicles of Narnia after I’d seen the films. Right after Prince Caspian to be exact. So my introduction to this magical series started off with the scene of a train chugging along gorgeous British landscape. Remember? The very first scene, where the Pevensie children get evacuated from London to the countryside.

In terms of the music, I consider this to be the main theme of the series. When you listen to it, just notice how it transitions from being a little gloomy at first to an almost innocent sounding middle and then moving on to an epic crescendo.

4 thoughts on “Score Saturday: Evacuating London – Narnia

  1. I love the Narnia films. 🙂 I remember reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as a class book at primary school. I later bought the rest of the series and it continues to sit on my bookshelf even now! The soundtrack is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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